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Economics, B.S.

The Study of Economics

Economics is the study of using limited resources to satisfy needs and wants. Microeconomics focuses on separate parts of an economy, such as individual households or businesses, industries or the workforce. It analyzes the causes and results of their buying and selling behaviors. Macroeconomics deals with larger issues affecting an entire economy such as inflation, unemployment and economic growth. Most upper-level courses, such as International Trade and Finance, apply principles of both micro- and macroeconomics.

Degree Programs in Economics. Susquehanna University has two degree programs in economics. The bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree is a liberal arts degree earned in the School of Natural and Social Sciences. Requirements for the B.A. degree appear in that section. The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree is a more technical degree and is earned in the Sigmund Weis School of Business. It integrates extensive business administration background into the study of economics.

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