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Costs and Financial Aid

The investment in a college education is one of the major financial decisions facing students and their families. The university works actively to keep the cost of a Susquehanna education as low as possible while maintaining high educational quality. Each year the university makes deliberate efforts to control expenses while continuing to build excellence in faculty, programs, student services and facilities.

Attracting talented students is also a priority. Susquehanna University seeks a student body that is diverse — culturally, geographically, racially and economically — for the benefit of the entire campus community. The university’s financial aid program is a major resource in reaching this goal.

About half of the students who choose Susquehanna find that the cost — what they will be expected to pay after financial aid — is actually lower than the university’s price — the comprehensive total of tuition and fees. Susquehanna provides a broad-based program of financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment to assist students and their families.

In addition to direct financial aid, the university also subsidizes all students indirectly. The expenditures required to educate and serve students are significantly higher than the income from tuition and fees. For every $80 Susquehanna receives from students, the university spends an additional $20 raised from gifts and grants, investment and endowment income, and other sources.

For further information about financial aid, see the Financial Aid section or contact the university's Office of Financial Aid at 570-372-4450.

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