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Gifts and Bequests

Susquehanna University has been strengthened by the thoughtful and generous gifts and bequests of alumni and other friends.

Endowment funds may assume several forms, but their common characteristic is that only the income they generate may be spent, while the principal remains intact. Endowment income contributes in distinct and meaningful ways to the university's well-being. It acts as a financial cushion against the possibility of fluctuating enrollments, supports high admissions standards by exercising a moderating effect on tuition, and underwrites activities that enrich the educational experience and for which funding might not otherwise be available.

In addition to the importance of regular support through the Susquehanna University Fund, capital gifts and bequests are always sought for the general endowment, to establish scholarships and other forms of student aid, to provide for future buildings and facilities, and for many special purposes.

Any form of real or personal property, cash or securities may be conveyed to the university. Gifts and bequests may be made outright, restricted, or unrestricted. Annuity agreements, life income contracts and charitable trusts may be written guaranteeing use of the income by the donor during his or her lifetime. Particular information concerning any kind of gift may be secured by contacting the Vice President for University Relations, Susquehanna University, 514 University Avenue, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1164, 570-372-4103.

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