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Endowed Lectureships and Performance Funds

The Jane Conrad Apple and Joan Apple Zimmerman '48 Fund was established in 1980. The fund sponsors lectures or seminars at Susquehanna University by recognized scholars in the field of Elizabethan studies; supports an annual production of an Elizabethan play; and purchases worthy library holdings related to the Elizabethan period.

The Distinguished Visitor Program at Susquehanna was established in 1988 by George E. and Margaret Lauver Harris, members of the Classes of '64 and '66. Income from the endowment is to be used to support lectures, seminars or residencies by nationally recognized leaders in business, government or education to topics central to the public interest. A program committee, appointed by the president, will include the donors or their representatives, interested alumni or friends and faculty. The committee will seek suggestions from campus and will select speakers and topics.

The English Department Lecture was established in 1977 by the widow and friends of Charles A. Rahter to provide resources to bring to campus prominent scholars in the field of British literature.

The Hilda Karniol Endowment for the Arts was established by her son and daughter-in-law, William and Lynne Karniol, to honor her devotion to the arts and her service to Susquehanna. The income is to be awarded at the discretion of the president of the university for those purposes that will enhance the role of the arts on campus.

The Ottaway-Daily Item Lectureship in Public Affairs was established by Ottaway Newspapers Inc. in 1977. It brings to the Susquehanna campus and Central Pennsylvania men and women of outstanding reputation in the fields of journalism and public affairs.

The Edward S. & A. Rita Schmidt Lectureship in Ethics was founded by Edward R. Schmidt '69, in honor of his parents, Edward S. and A. Rita Schmidt, to foster the discussion of ethics and ethics-related issues at Susquehanna University. The goal of the lectureship is to bring distinguished scholars and/or leaders to campus to address topics of current, vital interest in the field of ethics and to spotlight ethical issues across disciplines while encouraging thought and exploration of these issues amongst students, faculty, and the community. The lectureship will be administered as a special program of the university and facilitated by a committee of faculty and administration, appointed by the vice president for academic affairs, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary topics.

The Uncommon Individual Foundation Endowed Event Series was established by Richard E. Caruso ’65 and Sally Feitig ’68 Caruso in honor of James W. Garrett and Robert Pittello, Dr. Caruso’s football coaches at Susquehanna, 1961-1965. The purpose of the fund is to help students understand the importance of taking charge of their own lives and learn from the experience of individuals who have successfully developed and realized dreams that others could neither imagine nor believe to be achievable. The fund will underwrite at least one annual event to be focused on one or more individuals who have achieved local, national or international recognition for successfully realizing a vision against seemingly insurmountable odds through their own efforts and determination. While that success could have been achieved in any number of areas including but not limited to business, the arts, sciences, government, volunteerism, or religion, the Fund sponsored event should consistently focus on enabling and encouraging students with the theme of “becoming the entrepreneur of one’s own destiny in the pursuit of life, liberty, and personal happiness.” The fund will also underwrite the publication and dissemination of the events.

The Sigmund Weis '03 Lecture was established in 1979 by Mrs. Claire G. Weis in memory of her husband, namesake of the Sigmund Weis School of Business. The endowment brings to campus prominent personalities from business and public life to speak on matters of interest to the university and the community.

The Stella Freeman Weis Cultural Endowment annually sponsors critically acclaimed artists in performance at Susquehanna. This fund was established in 1976 by Robert and Patricia Weis in memory of his mother.

The Witmer Endowment for the Performing Arts was established in 1981 by the family, friends and business associates of the late Ralph Witmer '15 to perpetuate his lifelong interests in the university and in the Central Susquehanna Valley. The income from this fund is used annually to help support the Susquehanna University Artist Series.

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