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The Study of Education

Since 1904, Susquehanna University has prepared liberal arts students for teaching careers. In the teacher education program, students master professional knowledge and skills necessary for state certification and for developing a successful and rewarding career in education. Our mission is forging partnerships for teaching and learning.

Upon completion of the program students will demonstrate professional knowledge and skills in:

  • preparation and planning of instruction,
  • instructional delivery and assessment of student learning,
  • creating a classroom environment of respect and rapport, and
  • professional responsibilities.

Declaring Your Interest in Education. Students who wish to pursue elementary, early childhood or secondary education certification should notify the head of the Education Department as soon as possible. Those who wish to pursue a secondary certification should also inform the Office of the Registrar by completing the "Declaration of Academic Program" form, available in that office.

Majors at Susquehanna University which are approved for Teaching Certification:

Major Teaching Certification
Communications Communications
Communications/Journalism Emphasis Communications
Liberal Studies Early Childhood, Elementary (K-6)
English English
Creative Writing English
Spanish Spanish (K-12)
French French (K-12)
German German (K-12)
Mathematics Mathematics
Music Education Music Education (K-12)
Biology Biology, General Science
Chemistry Chemistry, General Science
Physics Physics, General Science
Biochemistry General Science
Psychology Social Sciences, Social Studies
Sociology/Anthropology Social Sciences, Social Studies
History Citizenship Education, Social Studies
Political Science Citizenship Education, Social Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Space, Environmental Science

(Some certifications, such as General Science, and some majors, such as biology, may require extra coursework because of state or university requirements. For more information see the graduation worksheets at the Office of the Registrar.)

The Teacher Intern Program is a route to certification for those who have a bachelor’s degree in an approved major. It is an option for students who cannot complete all educational plans as undergraduates or who choose to pursue teaching late in their undergraduate program. For information about the program contact the director of the teacher intern program at the Susquehanna Department of Education office or see the department’s Web site (www.susqu.edu/education).

Certification Requirements. To qualify for teaching certification in Pennsylvania, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate course of study with a satisfactory grade point average. They must also complete an accredited teacher-education program such as that offered by Susquehanna University, and pass the PRAXIS tests required by the Commonwealth. More detailed information about certification requirements is available in the Education Department and from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

When to Apply Students may apply for admission to the teacher education program as early as the spring semester of their sophomore year if all requirements have been met. Most secondary education students apply in their junior year. Students must apply and be admitted no later than the second semester of their junior year.

Application to the Teacher Education Program. Requirements for Admission:

  • completion of at least 48 credit hours of coursework, including:
    • three semester hours of English composition
    • three semester hours of English/American literature
    • six semester hours of college-level mathematics
  • successful completion of EDUC:200 Introduction to Education and Society
  • a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or a cumulative GPA of 2.8 and successful completion of Praxis I examinations
  • completion of one 40-hour externship (see below), with completed forms returned to the Education Department
  • current Act 34, Act 151, and Act 114 (FBI) clearances
  • two letters of reference from Susquehanna University faculty
  • a completed Education Department application form
Externship. An externship is a 40-hour involvement with students in an educational setting. Applicants must complete one externship prior to admission to the education program. Externship forms can be obtained from the Education Department office or the Education Department Web site.

Student Teaching. Student teaching usually occurs in the spring semester of the senior year. In order to participate in student teaching, students must already be admitted to the teacher education program and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the academic major and education courses. Student teachers must enroll in the student teaching block and should not take any additional courses during student teaching without permission from the head of the Education Department.

The Education Department faculty reserves the right to make a judgment on the suitability of students for professional teaching practice. Practicum students and student teachers must follow the policies of the host school district. Practicum students and student teachers will be removed from a school site by a building administrator who gives as reason, therefore, one of the following: unsatisfactory teaching performance; immorality; incompetence; intemperance; cruelty; persistent negligence in the performance of duties; willful neglect of duties; physical or mental disability as documented by competent medical evidence, which after reasonable accommodation of such disability as required by law substantially interferes with the student teacher's ability to perform essential functions of student teaching; conviction of a felony or misdemeanor; persistent and willful violation of or failure to comply with the school laws of this Commonwealth, including official directives and established policy of the board of directors. A student asked to leave a school site will be assigned a grade by the Department of Education and faculty based on the work completed and evaluations from the host district.

Study Abroad. Students in education are urged to take advantage of opportunities offered at Susquehanna University to study abroad. For more information visit the Study Abroad Web site or Office of International Study Programs in Bogar Hall.

Departmental Honors Departmental honors may be awarded to liberal studies majors who meet the following criteria:

  • overall GPA of 3.4, and GPA of 3.4 or higher in education courses,
  • completion of elementary or early childhood program for graduation,
  • submission of a formal application for honors to the education faculty by the first faculty meeting of the senior academic year and prior to implementation of the research project, acceptance of the application by the education faculty committee,
  • selection of an honors advisor from the education faculty,
  • development, in consultation with the selected advisor, of a proposal to execute, interpret and report on the individual research project,
  • approval by the education faculty committee of the project proposal,
  • enrollment in EDUC:601 Independent Study (1-4 semester hours),
  • completion of the research project and a public presentation of results,
  • submission of a final written report on the project to the honors advisor on or before the last day of classes for the semester of graduation, and
  • determination of honors status by the education faculty based on student performance.

Education Honor Society. Susquehanna University has a chapter of the international education honor society, Kappa Delta Pi. Education students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher who qualify for admittance to the teacher education program are invited to apply for membership.

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