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Susquehanna University Bulletin
Elements of a Susquehanna Education
Central Curriculum
Cross-Cultural Programs Policies and Procedures
Semester (GO Long) Programs
Short-Term (GO Short) Programs
SU GO Your Own Way
Majors and Minors
Majors offered at Susquehanna
Academic Minors at Susquehanna
Preprofessional Programs
Cooperative Programs
Schools and Courses of Study
School of Arts, Humanities and Communications
Art Faculty
Art History Studies
Art Studies
Graphic Design Studies
Art Courses
Art History Courses
ARTD:101 Introduction to Art History I: Prehistoric to Late Middle Ages.
ARTD:102 Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Modern.
ARTD:300 Topics in Art.
ARTD:305 Ancient Art.
ARTD:306 Renaissance Art History.
ARTD:307 Baroque Art History.
ARTD:308 American Art History.
ARTD:309 19th-Century Art History.
ARTD:310 20th-Century Art.
ARTD:311 Non-Western Art History.
ARTD:312 Contemporary Art.
ARTD:313 Women in Art.
ARTD:401 Independent Study
ARTD:403 Senior Thesis.
Studio Art Courses
ARTD:111 Foundations of Art I.
ARTD:112 Foundations of Art II.
ARTD:113 Drawing.
ARTD:221 Painting.
ARTD:231 Printmaking.
ARTD:241 Black and White Photography.
ARTD:243 Digital Photography.
ARTD:244 Advanced Photography.
ARTD:303 Sculpture.
ARTD:314 Topics in Studio Art.
ARTD:341 Topics in Photography.
ARTD:402 Senior Portfolio.
Graphic Design Courses
ARTD:251 Computer Applications in Graphic Design.
ARTD:252 Visual Communication.
ARTD:253 Typography.
ARTD:351 Graphic Design for the Internet.
ARTD:352 Package Design.
ARTD:353 Advanced Typography.
ARTD:360 Topics in Graphic Design.
ARTD:451 Graphic Design Studio.
ARTD:460 Advanced Topics in Graphic Design.
Art Additional Courses
ARTD:099 Theoretical and Applied Concepts of the Arts.
ARTD:400 Independent Study.
ARTD:404 Internship.
Communications Faculty
Communications Studies
Communications Major Emphases
Communications Minors
Communications Courses
Broadcasting and Mass Communications
COMM:171 Introduction to Broadcasting.
COMM:270 New Media.
COMM:271 Broadcast Announcing.
COMM:272 Audio Production.
COMM:275 Media Analysis.
COMM:281 Mass Media and Society.
COMM:282 Fundamentals of Television Production.
COMM:371 Broadcast Advertising: Writing and Practices.
COMM:381 Video Editing.
COMM:472 Broadcast News.
COMM:481 Media Law and Ethics.
COMM:482 Television Documentary Production.
Corporate Communications
COMM:221 Corporate Communications.
COMM:223 Corporate Communications Writing.
COMM:321 Crisis Communications.
COMM:323 Desktop Publishing.
COMM:325 Information Industries.
COMM:327 Computer Applications in Corporate Communications.
COMM:329 Communications Research and Evaluation.
COMM:131 Introduction to Journalism.
COMM:231 Newswriting and Reporting.
COMM:331 Editing.
COMM:435 Feature Writing.
Public Relations
COMM:211 Public Relations.
COMM:217 Principles of Advertising.
COMM:314 Public Relations Writing and Campaigns.
COMM:317 Print Advertising.
COMM:411 Public Relations/Corporate Communications Management.
Speech Communication
COMM:190 Introduction to Communication Theory.
COMM:191 Interpersonal Communication.
COMM:192 Public Speaking.
COMM:194 Intercultural Communication.
COMM:293 Parliamentary Procedure.
COMM:295 Effective Listening.
COMM:393 Leaders of Tomorrow.
COMM:394 Organizational Communication.
COMM:491 Group Communication.
COMM:500 Topics in Communications.
COMM:501 Practicum.
COMM:502 Individual Investigation.
COMM:503 Honors Study.
COMM:504 Internship.
Education Faculty
Education Studies
Education Course Requirements
Education Courses
EDUC:101 Introduction to Education and Society.
EDUC:102 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education.
EDUC:202 Introduction to Human Geography.
EDUC:205 Topics in Education.
EDUC:240 Cognition and Classroom Learning.
EDUC:250 Educational Psychology.
EDUC:330 Technology in Education.
EDUC:370 The Theory and Practice of Peer Education.
EDUC:374 Methods of Mathematics Instruction.
EDUC:375 Literacy I: Building Blocks for Teaching Literacy.
EDUC:377 Literacy II: Assessment, Intervention and Instruction for the Elementary Classroom.
EDUC:380 Instructional Design.
EDUC:384 Introduction to Early Childhood Education.
Secondary Education Methods Block
EDUC:479 Principles of Learning and Teaching in Secondary Education.
EDUC:420-427 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Secondary Education.
EDUC:483 Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management in Secondary Education.
Elementary Methods Block:
EDUC:476 Principles of Learning and Teaching in Elementary Education.
EDUC:481 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Education.
EDUC:482 Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management in Elementary Education.
EDUC:485 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Early Childhood Education.
Student Teaching Block.
EDUC:601 Independent Study.
English and Creative Writing
English Faculty
English Studies
English Courses
ENGL:090 College Writing.
ENGL:100 Writing and Thinking.
ENGL:200 Literature and Culture.
ENGL:205 Literature Studies.
ENGL:220 (Early Period) Studies in Literatures of the Americas, Colonial to 1865.
ENGL:225 Studies in Literatures of the Americas, 1865 to Present.
ENGL:230 (Early Period) Studies in Literature of the British Commonwealth, Medieval to Renaissance.
ENGL:233 (Early Period) Studies in Literature of the British Commonwealth, Jacobean to Augustan.
ENGL:235 Studies in Literature of the British Commonwealth, Romantic to Modernist.
ENGL:245 (Multicultural/Non-Western) Studies in Comparative Literatures of the Americas.
ENGL:250 (Multicultural/Non-Western) World Literature.
ENGL:255 Jewish Literature.
ENGL:265 Forms of Writing.
ENGL:269 English Grammar and the Writing Process.
ENGL:290 Aesthetics and Interpretation.
ENGL:300 (Early Period) History of the English Language.
ENGL:305 (Early Period) Themes in Early British Literature.
ENGL:315 Themes in Early Modern British Literature.
ENGL:325 Themes in Modern British Literature.
ENGL:335 (Early Period) Themes in Early American Literature.
ENGL:345 Themes in Modern American Literature.
ENGL:350 Studies in Major Authors.
ENGL:355 (Multicultural/Non-Western) Studies in Anglophone Literature.
ENGL:361 Studies in Literature and Genre.
ENGL:365 Studies in Literature and Gender.
ENGL:381 Advanced Composition.
ENGL:385 Book Reviewing.
ENGL:390 Special Themes and Topics.
ENGL:440 Independent Research: Issues in Literature.
ENGL:500 Directed Reading and Research.
ENGL:505 Independent Study.
ENGL:520 Practicum.
ENGL:540 Internship.
Creative Writing Courses
WRIT:250 Introduction to Creative Writing.
WRIT:270 Editing and Publishing.
WRIT:350 Intermediate Creative Writing.
WRIT:450 Advanced Creative Writing.
WRIT:520 Practicum.
WRIT:540 Internship.
WRIT:550 Senior Writing Portfolio.
WRIT:590 Independent Writing Project.
History Faculty
History Studies
History Courses
HIST:111 United States History to 1877.
HIST:112 United States History Since 1877.
HIST:131 Europe 800-1648.
HIST:132 Europe, 1648–Present.
HIST:151 Traditional East Asia.
HIST:152 Modern East Asia.
HIST:171 African Civilization.
HIST:172 Early Modern Africa.
HIST:180 Latin America, 1492–1825.
HIST: 181 Latin America 1825-Present.
HIST:215 The Civil War in the American Experience.
HIST:217 Contemporary America, 1945–Present.
HIST:226 Soviet and Russian Politics.
HIST:238 Contemporary Europe.
HIST:258 Modern China.
HIST:300 History Methods.
HIST:313 Social History of the United States.
HIST:314 African-American History.
HIST:321 European Union.
HIST:322 Pennsylvania History.
HIST:323 History of American Medicine.
HIST:330 The Middle Ages.
HIST:331 Medieval People and Culture.
HIST:338 The Holocaust.
HIST:339 America’s Wars in Asia.
HIST:354 Asian Culture.
HIST:355 Asia: Family and Gender.
HIST:390 Topics in History.
HIST:395 Investigating China.
HIST:401 Collective Inquiry in History.
HIST:408 Readings in History.
HIST:410 Seminar in History.
HIST:420 Internship in History.
HIST:501 Independent Study.
HIST:502 Honors Conference.
Modern Languages
Modern Languages Faculty
Modern Language Studies
Modern Languages Courses
CHNS:101-102 Beginning Chinese I-II.
CHNS:201 Intermediate Chinese I: Language and Culture.
FRNC:101-102 Beginning French I-II.
FRNC:150 Introduction to College French.
FRNC:201 Intermediate French I: Language and Culture.
FRNC:202 Intermediate French II: Language and Culture.
FRNC:301 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics.
FRNC:302 Advanced Composition and Grammar.
FRNC:303 Business and Professional French.
FRNC:310 French and Francophone Literary and Cultural Studies.
FRNC:320 French and Francophone Film Studies.
FRNC:460 Seminar on French and Francophone Literature and Culture or Film.
FRNC:501 Internship.
FRNC:542 Independent Study.
FRNC:599 Comprehensive Examination.
FRNC:600 Practicum.
GERM:101-102 Beginning German I-II.
GERM:201 Intermediate German I: Language and Culture.
GERM:202 Intermediate German II: Language and Culture.
GERM:301 German Composition and Conversation.
GERM:303 Introduction to Business German.
GERM:404 Multicultural German Literature.
GERM:460 Seminar in German Studies.
GERM:461 German Theater and Film.
GERM:503 Internship.
GERM:542 Independent Study.
GERM:599 Comprehensive Examination.
GERM:600 Practicum.
ITAL:101-102 Beginning Italian I-II.
ITAL:201 Intermediate Italian I: Language and Culture.
ITAL:202 Intermediate Italian II: Language and Culture.
SPAN:101 Beginning Spanish I.
SPAN:102 Beginning Spanish II.
SPAN:103 Introduction to College Spanish I.
SPAN:104 Introduction to College Spanish II.
SPAN:105 Super Spanish.
SPAN:201 Intermediate Spanish I: Language and Culture.
SPAN:202 Intermediate Spanish II: Conversational Review of Spanish II.
SPAN:301 Advanced Conversation and Oral Expression.
SPAN:302 Grammar and Composition.
SPAN:303 Spanish for Business.
SPAN:305 Spanish for the Service Professions.
SPAN:310 Topics in Hispanic Culture.
SPAN:350 Introduction to Hispanic Literature.
SPAN:401 Advanced Spanish Language.
SPAN:445 Seminar in Peninsular Spanish Studies.
SPAN:447 Seminar in Hispanic-American Studies.
SPAN:503 Internship.
SPAN:542 Independent Study.
SPAN:599 Comprehensive Examination.
SPAN:600 Practicum.
Music Faculty
Music Studies at Susquehanna
Music Courses
Applied Music Lessons
MUSC:001-002 Brass Lesson.
MUSC:003-004 Organ Lesson.
MUSC:005-006 Piano Lesson.
MUSC:007-008 String Lesson.
MUSC:009-010 Voice Lesson.
MUSC:011-012 Woodwind Lesson.
MUSC:013-014 Percussion Lesson.
MUSC:015-016 Harpsichord Lesson.
MUSC:017-018 Guitar Lesson.
MUSC:023-024 Composition Lesson.
MUSC:034 Piano Class I.
MUSC:035 Piano Class II.
MUSC:037 Piano Class III.
MUSC:039 Voice Class.
MUSC:040-047 Instrument Classes.
MUSC:066 Collaborative Piano.
MUSC:555 Forum.
MUSC:072 Symphonic Band.
MUSC:073 Crusader Stadium Band.
MUSC:074 Orchestra.
MUSC:075 Fall Musical Orchestra.
MUSC:076 Small Ensemble.
MUSC:078 Jazz Ensemble.
MUSC:082 University Choir.
MUSC:083 University Chorale.
MUSC:086 University Chamber Singers.
MUSC:089 Opera Studio.
Music Education Courses
MUED:200 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Public School Education and Music Education.
MUED:339 Public School Music I: Foundation, Standards and Curriculum.
MUED:340 Public School Music II: Assessment, Inclusion and Practicum.
MUED:345 Instrumental Music Education Methods and Practicum.
MUED:351 Choral Music Education Methods and Practicum.
MUED:355 Music for Exceptional Children.
MUED:400 Student Teaching.
MUED:405 Student Teaching Seminar.
MUED:406 Organization and Administration of Public School Music.
Music Literature and Theory Courses
MUSC:099 Theoretical and Applied Concepts of the Arts.
MUSC:100 Music Fundamentals.
MUSC:101 Introduction to Music.
MUSC:102 A Study of Jazz.
MUSC:130 Rock Music and Society.
MUSC:152 World Music Perspectives.
MUSC:161 Theory I: Diatonic Harmony.
MUSC:162 Theory II: Chromatic Harmony.
MUSC:163 Ear Training I.
MUSC:164 Ear Training II.
MUSC:170 Introduction to Music Technology.
MUSC:193 Women in Music.
MUSC:213 Christian Worship.
MUSC:214 Hymnology.
MUSC:245 The Music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Eras.
MUSC:250 The Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras.
MUSC:261 Theory III: Advanced Tonal Harmony.
MUSC:262 Theory IV: Form and Analysis.
MUSC:263 Ear Training III.
MUSC:350 20th-Century Music.
MUSC:353 The Practice of Church Music.
MUSC:355 Audio Engineering Fundamentals.
MUSC:356 Music Production in the Recording Studio.
MUSC:361 Counterpoint.
MUSC:363 Theory V: Modality, Set Theory & Serialism.
MUSC:367 Computer Music Composition.
MUSC:368 Computer Music Performance.
MUSC:370 Orchestration.
MUSC:380 Choral Masterworks.
MUSC:450 Topics in Music Literature.
Music Additional Courses
MUSC:077 Training Ensemble.
MUSC:079 Improvisation.
MUSC:084 Diction I.
MUSC:085 Diction II.
MUSC:369 Beginning Conducting.
MUSC:371 Instrumental Conducting.
MUSC:372 Choral Conducting.
MUSC:399 Pedagogy.
MUSC:500 Full Recital.
MUSC:501 Independent Study in Music.
MUSC:503 Half Recital.
MUSC:504 Internship.
Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy and Religion Faculty
Philosophy Studies
Philosophy Courses
PHIL:101 Problems in Philosophy.
PHIL:105 Philosophy of Love and Desire.
PHIL:111 Introduction to Logic.
PHIL:122 Resolving Moral Conflicts.
PHIL:201 Everyday Ethics: Philosophical Issues in the Private Realm.
PHIL:210 Philosophy of Religion.
PHIL:212 Feminist Philosophy.
PHIL:213 Symbolic Logic.
PHIL:221 Applied Ethics.
PHIL:222 Ethical Theory.
PHIL:235 Aesthetics.
PHIL:241 Ancient Philosophy.
PHIL:243 Modern Philosophy.
PHIL:250 Metaphysics-Theories of Reality.
PHIL:301 Plato Seminar.
PHIL:305 Topics in Philosophy.
PHIL:310 Philosophy of Science.
PHIL:312 Epistemology-Theories of Knowledge.
PHIL:443 Political Philosophy.
PHIL:500 Directed Reading and Research.
Religion Studies
Religion Courses
Biblical Studies
RELI:102 Applied Biblical Ethics.
RELI:103 The New Testament.
RELI:201 The Old Testament.
RELI:203 The Gospels and Jesus.
RELI:205 Paul.
RELI:207 Women in the Biblical Tradition.
RELI:301 Biblical Studies.
History of Religion
RELI:105 World Religions.
RELI:113 Introduction to Judaism.
RELI:115 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics.
RELI:213 Christian Worship.
RELI:214 Hymnology.
RELI:309 Luther: Life and Thought.
RELI:311 Historical Studies.
Contemporary Religious Issues
RELI:107 Faiths and Values.
RELI:109 Religions in the United States.
RELI:110 Introduction to Religious Studies.
RELI:210 Philosophy of Religion.
RELI:220 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion.
RELI:225 Women in Religion.
RELI:250 Images of Jesus in Central America.
RELI:300 Apocalypticism.
RELI:305 Topics in Religion.
RELI:321 Current Religious Issues.
RELI:350 Science and Religion.
RELI:360 Religious Fundamentalisms in the Modern World.
RELI:500 Independent Study.
RELI:502 Practicum.
Greek Courses
GREK:101-102 Elementary Koine Greek.
GREK:201 Intermediate Greek Exegesis.
GREK:300 Advanced Studies.
Theatre Faculty
Theatre Studies
Theatre Major Emphases
Theatre Courses
THEA:101 The Fall Musical.
THEA:102 The One Act Play Festival.
THEA:103 Spring Production.
THEA:104 Advanced Acting Workshop.
THEA:142 Stagecraft and Production.
THEA:143 Scenic Painting and Lighting.
THEA:144 Costume Technology.
THEA:151 Acting I: The Stanislavski System.
THEA:152 Understanding Theatre: Becoming an Audience.
THEA:200 Introduction to Dramatic Literature.
THEA:246 Scenic Design.
THEA:251 Acting II: Voice and Movement.
THEA:252 Survey of Western Theatre.
THEA:253 Identity and Representation in Non-Western Theatre.
THEA:258 From Page to Stage.
THEA:340 Stage Management and Theatre Operations.
THEA:341 Costume Design.
THEA:342 Stage Makeup.
THEA:345 Lighting Design.
THEA:351 Acting III: Period Styles.
THEA:451 Directing.
THEA:452 Seminar in Theatre.
THEA:453 Dramatic Theory and Criticism.
THEA:454 Theatrical Design History.
THEA:501 Production Lab.
THEA:502 Individual Investigation.
THEA:503 Honors Study.
THEA:504 Internship.
THEA:505 Capstone.
DANC:100 Foundations in Dance.
DANC:150 Modern Dance I.
DANC:155 Contemporary Ballroom Dance.
DANC:160 World Folk Dance I.
DANC:200 Modern Dance II.
DANC:250 Historical Partner Dance.
DANC:260 World Folk Dance II.
DANC:270 Topics in Cultural Dance.
DANC:300 Modern Dance III.
The School of Natural and Social Sciences
Biology Faculty
Biology Studies
Biology Courses
BIOL:010 Issues in Biology.
BIOL:101 Ecology, Evolution and Heredity.
BIOL:102 Cell and Organismal Biology.
BIOL:157 The Biology of Women.
BIOL:201 Genetics.
BIOL:202 Systematic Biology.
BIOL:204 Biogeodiversity.
BIOL:300 Developmental Biology.
BIOL:301 Developmental Biology Laboratory.
BIOL:302 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy.
BIOL:303 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory.
BIOL:306 Cell Biology.
BIOL:307 Cell Biology Laboratory.
BIOL:308 Vertebrate Natural History.
BIOL:309 Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory.
BIOL:310 Animal Physiology.
BIOL:311 Animal Physiology Laboratory.
BIOL:312 Microbiology.
BIOL:313 Microbiology Laboratory.
BIOL:314 Histology.
BIOL:316 Molecular Biology.
BIOL:317 Molecular Biology Laboratory.
BIOL:320 Exercise and Extreme Physiology.
BIOL:321 Exercise and Extreme Physiology Laboratory.
BIOL:324 Animal Behavior.
BIOL:325 Animal Behavior Laboratory.
BIOL:326 Invertebrate Zoology.
BIOL:327 Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory.
BIOL:400 Immunology.
BIOL:401 Immunology Laboratory.
BIOL:404 Plant Physiology.
BIOL:405 Plant Physiology Laboratory.
BIOL:406 Ecology.
BIOL:407 Ecology Laboratory.
BIOL:408 Aquatic Ecology.
BIOL:409 Aquatic Ecology Laboratory.
BIOL:424 The Biochemistry of Metabolism.
BIOL:425: The Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids.
BIOL:426 The Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes.
BIOL:427 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes Laboratory.
BIOL:428 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids Laboratory.
BIOL:429 Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory.
BIOL:500 Topics in Biology.
BIOL:501 Seminar in Biology.
BIOL:502 Biology Internship.
BIOL:503 Biological Issues in Australia.
BIOL:504 Independent Study in Biology.
BIOL:510 Student Research I.
BIOL:511 Student Research II.
INTD:510 Focus Australia.
Chemistry Faculty
Chemistry and Biochemistry Studies
Chemistry Courses
CHEM:100 Chemical Concepts.
CHEM:101-102 General Chemistry I, II.
CHEM:221-222 Organic Chemistry I, II.
CHEM:231 Quantitative Analysis.
CHEM:300 Topics in Chemistry.
CHEM:341 Physical Chemistry I.
CHEM:342 Physical Chemistry II.
CHEM:400 Research Experience.
CHEM:424 The Biochemistry of Metabolism.
CHEM:425: The Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids.
CHEM:426 The Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes.
CHEM:427 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes Laboratory.
CHEM:428 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids Laboratory.
CHEM:429 Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory.
CHEM:430 Instrumental Analysis.
CHEM:450 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry.
CHEM:490 Chemistry Independent Study.
CHEM:500 Problems in Chemistry.
CHEM:505 Seminar.
CHEM:590 Chemistry Internship.
Computer Science
Computer Science Faculty
Computer Science Studies
Computer Science Courses
CSCI:181 Principles of Computer Science.
CSCI:201 Digital Electronics and Microcomputers.
CSCI:281 Data Structures.
CSCI:282 Computer Organization.
CSCI:351 Numerical Computing.
CSCI:352 Numerical Analysis.
CSCI:355 Operations Research.
CSCI:370 Cryptology and Number Theory.
CSCI:381 Algorithms.
CSCI:391 Data Communications and Networks I.
CSCI:392 Data Communications and Networks II.
CSCI:434 Artificial Life.
CSCI:460 Windows Programming.
CSCI:471 Software Engineering: Methodology.
CSCI:472 Software Engineering: Practicum.
CSCI:481 Programming Languages.
CSCI:482 Theory of Computation.
CSCI:483 Compiler Theory.
CSCI:484 Computer Graphics.
CSCI:485 Artificial Intelligence.
CSCI:486 Introduction to Operating Systems.
CSCI:487 Operating Systems.
CSCI:488 Computer Architecture.
CSCI:500 Senior Colloquium.
CSCI:501 Topics in Computer Science.
CSCI:502 Independent Study.
CSCI:503 Independent Research.
CSCI:599 Internship.
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty
Earth and Environmental Sciences Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences Degree Programs
Earth and Environmental Sciences Courses
EENV:101 Environmental Science.
EENV:102 Environmental Hazards.
EENV:103 Earth System History.
EENV:104 Weather and Climate.
EENV:113 Geology and the Environment.
EENV:213 Oceanography.
EENV:220 Water Resources.
EENV:240 Introduction to Meteorology.
EENV:242 Climate and Global Change.
EENV:250 Topics in Earth and Environmental Sciences.
EENV:260 Mineralogy/Petrology.
EENV:270 Chemistry of Natural Waters.
EENV:283 Sedimentology/Stratigraphy.
EENV: 332 Sustainable Energy Resources.
EENV:335 Environmental Laws and Regulations.
EENV:360 Geographic Information Systems.
EENV:370 Environmental Geophysics.
EENV:373 Air Quality.
EENV:380 Wetlands Analysis.
EENV:383 Soil Science.
EENV:420 Groundwater Hydrology.
EENV:440 Groundwater Pollution and Monitoring.
EENV:442 Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology.
EENV:491 Geological Mapping.
EENV:560 Environmental Independent Study.
EENV:590 Environmental Internship.
EENV:591 Environmental Internship Seminar.
EENV:595 Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences.
EENV:596 Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences Seminar.
EENV:597 Field Program.
Economics, B.A.
Economics Faculty
Economics Studies
Economics Courses
ECON:105 Elements of Economics.
ECON:201 Principles of Macroeconomics.
ECON:202 Principles of Microeconomics.
ECON:311 Intermediate Macroeconomics.
ECON:313 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory.
ECON:315 Managerial Economics.
ECON:322 Introduction to Econometrics.
ECON:325 Labor Economics.
ECON:330 International Trade and Finance.
ECON:331 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions.
ECON:332 Public Finance.
ECON:335 Economic Development.
ECON:338 International Political Economy.
ECON:341 Economic Policy.
ECON:370 Game Theory.
ECON:373 Political Economic Thought.
ECON:375 Topics in Economics.
ECON:441 History of Economic Thought.
ECON:442 Emerging Market Economics.
ECON:465 Global Financial Markets.
ECON 499: Applied Research Methods.
ECON:500 Seminar in Economics.
ECON:501 Independent Study.
ECON:503 Economics Internship.
Mathematics Faculty
Mathematics Studies
Mathematics Courses
MATH:099 College Mathematics Preparation.
MATH:101 Precalculus Mathematics.
MATH:105 Introductory Topics.
MATH:108 Introduction to Statistics.
MATH:111 Calculus I.
MATH:112 Calculus II.
MATH:201 Linear Algebra.
MATH:211 Multivariate Calculus.
MATH:221 Discrete Structures.
MATH:231 Foundations of Analysis.
MATH:321 Abstract Algebra.
MATH:331 Geometry.
MATH:351 Numerical Computing.
MATH:352 Numerical Analysis.
MATH:353 Differential Equations.
MATH:355 Operations Research.
MATH:370 Cryptology and Number Theory.
MATH:411 Real Analysis.
MATH:415 Complex Analysis.
MATH:434 Artificial Life.
MATH:441 Mathematical Statistics.
MATH:482 Theory of Computation.
MATH:500 Senior Colloquium.
MATH:501 Topics in Mathematics.
MATH:502 Independent Study.
MATH:503 Independent Research.
MATH:599 Mathematics Internship.
Physics Faculty
Physics Studies
Physics Courses
PHYS:100 Astronomy and Classical Physics.
PHYS:103 Digital Electronics and Microcomputers.
PHYS:104 Analog Electronics.
PHYS:108 Physics of Music.
PHYS:204 Introductory Physics I.
PHYS:205 Introductory Physics II.
PHYS:301 Newtonian Mechanics.
PHYS:302 Electric and Magnetic Fields.
PHYS:303 Solid State Physics.
PHYS:304 Classical and Modern Optics.
PHYS:305 Topics in Physics.
PHYS:401 Electromagnetic and Mechanical Waves.
PHYS:402-403 Quantum Mechanics I-II.
PHYS:500 Independent Study.
PHYS:530 Physics Internship.
PHYS:550 Research Physics.
Political Science
Political Science Faculty
Political Science Studies
Political Science and Related Courses
American Government and Politics
POLI:111 American Government and Politics.
POLI:210 Film and Politics.
POLI:211 Women and U.S. Politics.
POLI:216 State and Local Government and Politics.
POLI:310 Political Psychology.
POLI:312 Elections in America.
POLI:314 Diversity in American Politics.
POLI:316 The American Presidency.
POLI:317 The U.S. Congress.
POLI:318 Public Policy.
POLI:410 U.S. Political Problems.
Public Law
POLI:215 Law and Politics.
POLI:411 Governmental Power and the Constitution.
POLI:412 Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, and the Constitution.
POLI:415 Development of American Legal Culture.
Comparative Politics
POLI:121 Comparative Government and Politics.
POLI:222 Politics of Developing Nations.
POLI:224 Government and Politics of Europe.
POLI:225 Government and Politics of Africa.
POLI:226 Soviet and Russian Politics.
POLI:228 Middle East Politics and Society.
POLI:321 European Union.
POLI:322 Arab World and the West.
International Politics and Foreign Policy
POLI:131 World Affairs.
POLI:331 American Foreign Policy.
POLI:333 Development, Globalization and Society.
POLI:334 International Organizations and Law.
POLI:335 War and Politics.
POLI:338 International Political Economy.
POLI:436 Issues of Conflict.
Political Thought
POLI:244 Political Values.
POLI:245 American Political Ideas.
POLI:341 American Political Thought.
POLI:344 Modern Political Ideologies.
POLI:443 Western Political Philosophy.
Political Science Seminars, Independent Studies and Internships
POLI:202 Topics in Government and Politics.
POLI:205 Research Process and Data Analysis.
POLI:500 Seminar.
POLI:501 Senior Seminar.
POLI:502 Directed Reading.
POLI:503 Independent Research.
POLI:505 Internship in Government and Politics.
Psychology Faculty
Psychology Studies
Psychology Courses
PSYC:101 Principles of Psychology.
PSYC:123 Elementary Statistics.
PSYC:151 Drugs, Society and Behavior.
PSYC:205 Topics in Psychology.
PSYC:223 Research Methods in Psychology.
PSYC:230 Social Psychology.
PSYC:232 Environmental Psychology.
PSYC:238 Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Childhood.
PSYC:239 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence.
PSYC:240 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood.
PSYC:242 Health Psychology.
PSYC:245 Personality.
PSYC:250 Educational Psychology.
PSYC:252 Learning Styles and Preferences.
PSYC:320 Abnormal Psychology.
PSYC:322 Psychological Testing.
PSYC:323 Experimental Design and Analysis.
PSYC:334 Psychology of Gender.
PSYC:337 Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth.
PSYC:340 Cognitive Psychology.
PSYC:342 Biopsychology.
PSYC:343 Learning and Motivation.
PSYC:350 Psychology, Culture and Ethnicity.
PSYC:421, 422 Directed Research.
PSYC:450 Introduction to Counseling.
PSYC:500 Internship in Psychology.
PSYC:525, 526 Independent Research.
PSYC:527, 528 Practicum.
INTD:510 Focus Australia.
Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology and Anthropology Faculty
Sociology Studies
Sociology Courses
SOCI:101 Principles of Sociology.
SOCI:102 Social Problems.
SOCI:200 Topics in Sociology.
SOCI:202 Black Feminism 1.
SOCI:206 Gendered Bodies and Social Control.
SOCI:210 Caribbean Culture and Society.
SOCI:220 Research Methods.
SOCI:230 Social Psychology.
SOCI:240 Gerontology.
SOCI:253 Crime and Delinquency.
SOCI:254 Criminal Justice.
SOCI:300 Black Feminism II.
SOCI:310 Political Psychology.
SOCI:311 Sociological Theory.
SOCI:315 Social Stratification in Contemporary Society.
SOCI:316 Social Justice.
SOCI:331 Social Control and Deviance.
SOCI:333 Development, Globalization and Society.
SOCI:341 Family and Kinship.
SOCI:374 Social Work.
SOCI:410 Economic Sociology.
SOCI:413 Race, Ethnicity and Minorities.
SOCI:500 Seminar.
SOCI:501 Independent Study.
SOCI:510 Internship in Sociology.
SOCI:570, 571 Practicum.
Anthropology Courses
ANTH: 152 Public Culture.
ANTH:162 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
ANTH:200 Topics in Anthropology.
ANTH:220 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion.
ANTH:222 Life During Wartime.
ANTH: 227 Native America North of Mexico.
ANTH: 237 Museums and Anthropology.
ANTH:310 National, Transnational and Diasporic Communities.
ANTH:312 History and Culture of Jewish Cuisines.
ANTH:322 Visual Anthropology: Imagining the Other.
ANTH:341 Family and Kinship.
ANTH:360 Religious Fundamentalisms in the Modern World.
ANTH:400 History of Anthropological Theory.
ANTH:413 Race, Ethnicity and Minorities.
ANTH:500 Seminar.
ANTH:501 Independent Study.
ANTH:510 Internship in Anthropology.
The Sigmund Weis School of Business
Business Foundation Courses
Accounting and Information Systems
Accounting and Information Systems Faculty
Accounting Studies
Accounting Courses
ACCT:200 Financial Accounting.
ACCT:210 Legal Environment.
ACCT:220 Introduction to Taxation.
ACCT:300 Financial Statement Analysis.
ACCT:301 Intermediate Accounting I.
ACCT:302 Intermediate Accounting II.
ACCT:305 Federal Taxation.
ACCT:310 Advanced Business Law.
ACCT:330 Cost Management.
ACCT:340 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting.
ACCT:405 Federal Taxes II.
ACCT:410 Consolidations.
ACCT:420 Auditing.
ACCT:430 Managerial Accounting Policy.
ACCT:496 Topics in Accounting.
ACCT:501 Independent Study.
ACCT:502 Senior Research.
ACCT:503 Accounting Internship.
Information Systems Studies
Information Systems Courses
INFS:100 Using Computers.
INFS:174 Database Systems Analysis and Design.
INFS:271 E-Business Applications Development.
INFS:276 Simulation Models.
INFS:375 Database Programming.
INFS:472 Management Support Systems.
INFS:485 Artificial Intelligence.
INFS:496 Topics in Information Systems.
INFS:501 Independent Study.
INFS:502 Independent Research.
INFS:503 Information Systems Internship.
INFS:505 Capstone.
Economics, B.S.
Economics Faculty
Economics Studies
Economics Courses
ECON:105 Elements of Economics.
ECON:201 Principles of Macroeconomics.
ECON:202 Principles of Microeconomics.
ECON:311 Intermediate Macroeconomics.
ECON:313 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory.
ECON:315 Managerial Economics.
ECON:322 Introduction to Econometrics.
ECON:325 Labor Economics.
ECON:330 International Trade and Finance.
ECON:331 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions.
ECON:332 Public Finance.
ECON:335 Economic Development.
ECON:338 International Political Economy.
ECON:341 Economic Policy.
ECON:370 Game Theory.
ECON:373 Political Economic Thought.
ECON:375 Topics in Economics.
ECON:441 History of Economic Thought.
ECON:442 Emerging Market Economics.
ECON:465 Global Financial Markets.
ECON:499 Applied Research Methods.
ECON:500 Seminar in Economics.
ECON:501 Independent Study.
ECON:503 Economics Internship.
Management Faculty
Business Administration Studies
Management Courses
MGMT:102 Global Business Perspectives.
MGMT:133 British Theatre.
MGMT:202 Business Statistics.
MGMT:280 Marketing.
MGMT:301 London Topics.
MGMT:330 Management of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
MGMT:340 Corporate Financial Management.
MGMT:342 Investment Analysis.
MGMT:344 Financial Services.
MGMT:350 International Business.
MGMT:351 Seminar in European Business Operations.
MGMT:360 Management and Organizational Behavior.
MGMT:361 Human Resource Management.
MGMT:362 Employment Law.
MGMT:363 Employee and Labor Relations.
MGMT:369 Ethics and Leadership.
MGMT:381 Marketing Research.
MGMT:382 Consumer Behavior.
MGMT:384 Retailing.
MGMT:390 Operations Management.
MGMT:400 Business Policy and Strategy.
MGMT:404 Business and Social Responsibility.
MGMT:433 Preparing a Business Plan and Venture Financing.
MGMT:434 Entrepreneurial Experience.
MGMT:435 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Economics.
MGMT:441 Advanced Corporate Financial Management.
MGMT:442 Portfolio Management.
MGMT:446 Topics in Finance.
MGMT:461 Projects in Human Resource Management.
MGMT:462 Human Resource Planning.
MGMT:464 Compensation Structure Design.
MGMT:465 Performance Management.
MGMT:466 Negotiations.
MGMT:467 Topics in Management.
MGMT:468 Women in Organizations.
MGMT:481 Advertising Management.
MGMT:485 Marketing Strategy and Management.
MGMT:486 Topics in Marketing.
MGMT:501 Independent Study.
MGMT:502 Senior Research.
MGMT:503 Business Internship.
Interdisciplinary and Special Programs
Asian Studies
Diversity Studies
DIVS:100 Introduction to Diversity Studies.
DIVS:400 Diversity Encounters for a Changing World: Models of Impact.
ECOL:100 Introduction to the Science of Ecology.
ECOL:113 Geology and the Environment.
ECOL:201 Ecosystems.
ECOL:202 Systematic Biology.
ECOL:380 Wetlands Analysis.
ECOL:510 Student Research I.
ECOL:511 Student Research II.
Film Studies
FILM:150 Introduction to Film.
FILM:180 Film and Human Values.
FILM:210 Film and Literature.
FILM:220 International Film.
FILM:230 American Film and Culture.
FILM:300 Film Seminar.
Film Production
Health Care Studies
HLCR:080 The Business of Health Care.
HLCR:301 Human Anatomy.
HLCR:302 Human Physiology.
HLCR:305 Eastern and Western Health Care.
HLCR:370 Human Health and Disease.
HLCR:400 Independent Study in Health Care.
HLCR:500 Health Care Internship.
Honors Program
Honors Courses
HONS:100 Thought.
HONS:200 Thought and Civilization.
HONS:240 Thought and Social Diversity.
HONS:250 Thought and the Natural Sciences.
HONS:290 Sophomore Essay.
HONS:340 Medieval People and Culture.
HONS:363 Contemporary Art.
HONS:400 Honors Colloquium.
International Studies
Jewish Studies
Jewish Studies Courses
JWST:101 The Old Testament.
JWST:113 Introduction to Judaism.
JWST:115 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics.
JWST:207 Women in the Biblical Tradition.
JWST:255 Jewish Literature.
JWST:312 History and Culture of Jewish Cuisines.
JWST:338 The Holocaust.
JWST:390 Topics in Jewish Studies.
JWST:500 Independent Study.
Legal Studies
LGST:505 Internship in Legal Studies.
Other Legal Studies Courses
Women’s Studies
WMST:100 Introduction to Women’s Studies.
WMST:200 Feminist Philosophy.
WMST:207 Women in the Biblical Tradition.
WMST:211 Women and U.S. Politics.
WMST:225 Women in Religion.
WMST:250 The Biology of Women.
WMST:260 Women in Music.
WMST:300 Women and Violence.
WMST:313 Women in Art.
WMST:334 Psychology of Gender.
WMST:355 Asia: Family and Gender.
WMST:365 Studies in Literature and Gender.
WMST:380 Women in Organizations.
WMST:400 Topics in Women’s Studies.
WMST:500 Research/Practicum in Women’s Studies.
Special Programs
Personal Development
MGMT:102 Global Business Perspectives.
MUSC:152 World Music Perspectives.
PRDV:104 Perspectives.
PRDV:105 Introduction to Professional Development.
Reserve Officers Training Corps (U.S. Army)
ROTC:101 Introduction to ROTC.
ROTC:102 Introduction to Leadership.
ROTC:201 Self/Team Development.
ROTC:202 Individual/Team Military Tactics.
ROTC:301 Leading Small Organizations.
ROTC:302 Leading Small Organizations II.
ROTC:401 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting.
ROTC:402 Transition to Lieutenant.
Academic Policies and Regulations
Campus Life, Student Services and Facilities
Campus Life
Student Services
Residence Life
Social Responsibilities
Admission to Susquehanna
Application for First-Year Student Admission
Application for Transfer Admission
Special Admission
Associate Degree Program
Costs and Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Grants and Scholarships
State and Federal Grant and Loan Programs
Loans to Students and Parents
Campus Employment
Army Reserve Officers Training Corps
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
Trustees Emeriti
Ex Officio
Advisory Member
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Term Expires 2011
Term Expires 2012
Administration and Faculty Emeriti
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