Art Minors

Minor in Art History. A minor in art history links well with many majors. It also provides additional cultural balance to a student’s program. Particularly well-suited combinations include art and modern language, philosophy, business, communications, theatre, music, history or English.

The minor requires 18 semester hours of art history courses with a grade of C- or above. Required courses include ARTH:101, ARTH:102, two additional art history courses and either ARTH:401 or a two-semester-hour internship.

Minor in Photography. The minor in photography requires five courses, totaling 20 semester hours, with a grade of C- or above. Required courses are ARTS:241 Black and White Photography; ARTS:243 Digital Photography; ARTS:244 Advanced Photography; one elective course chosen from ARTS:113 Drawing, ARTG:251 Computer Applications in Graphic Design and ARTS:341 Topics in Photography; and one art history course chosen from ARTH:300 History of Photography, ARTH:308 American Art History, ARTH:310 Modernism and the Avante-Garde, ARTH:412 Contemporary Art and ARTH:313 Women in Art.

Minor in Studio Art. The studio art minor requires 20 semester hours in Art Department courses with grades of C- or above. Required courses are ARTH:101 Introduction to Art History I or ARTH:102 Introduction to Art History II; ARTS:111 Foundations of Art I; ARTS:113 Drawing; and eight additional semester hours of Art Department electives.