Cross-Cultural Programs Policies and Procedures

Susquehanna University offers a wide range of programs around the world to suit student interests, fields of study and foreign language preparation. The Global Opportunities (GO) programs fit into several categories: SU GO Long, SU GO Short and SU GO Your Own Way. There are many SU GO Short programs led by SU faculty and staff. They generally last two to four weeks during winter or summer break. SU GO Long programs are approved semester programs that are administered entirely by Susquehanna University or in close cooperation with study-away partners. The vast majority of students choose an approved SU GO program. However, students may attend other recommended programs or design their own cross-cultural experience, SU GO Your Own Way, according to the policies described below.

At a minimum, to be eligible, students must be in good academic standing and not be on disciplinary probation. Susquehanna students normally do not study away before they have completed three semesters on campus. Specific programs may have additional requirements. Semester and short-term programs administered by Susquehanna University require that students sign a statement of responsibility upon acceptance into the program. By signing, participants agree that their deposit is nonrefundable, and if they withdraw from the program they may still be billed for costs that have been incurred for them, such as airfare, program housing etc.

Students who receive need-based aid to fulfill the cross-cultural requirement on a short-term program may see a reduction in SU aid available for subsequent semester study away. Students who have received SU aid for a semester-length program may not be eligible for need-based aid to participate in subsequent short-term programs.

Susquehanna University accepts study-away credit for transfer only from programs covered in these policies.

The university reserves the right to change these policies without notice.