HONS:290 Sophomore Essay.

Students work on a subject of their choice and select a faculty sponsor. The essay addresses an original thesis formulated by the student, summing up a semester of research and reflection in a well-argued position paper. Students typically use this project to develop and integrate knowledge gained in previous academic work or to investigate a new subject. HONS:290 is convened by the Honors Program director or associate director and one of the university's professional librarians. It provides support for essay students. Students must enroll in HONS:290 and complete an essay in either the fall or spring term of the sophomore year. 2 SH. CC: Writing Intensive.

The following courses are examples of 300-level Honors seminars:

  • HONS:340 Medieval People and Culture. An interdisciplinary study of the historical and literary figures of the Middle Ages. Although the content will vary from semester to semester, this course is designed to provide substantial first-hand knowledge of major works of the period, as well as an introduction to the historical and cultural contexts in which they were written. Same as HIST:331. 4 SH. CC: Historical Perspectives.

  • HONS:363 Contemporary Art. Critical issues in art from 1950 to the present, defined by radical changes in values for the art market, art criticism and public taste. Lively presentations by students will support or contest recent art criticism, involving them in both analysis and debate. Same as ARTH:412. 4 SH. CC: Artistic Expression, Ethics Intensive, Oral Intensive.
  • HONS:400 Honors Colloquium. This course serves as the capstone course for the university Honors Program. Students will be asked to reflect on their experience as a Susquehanna University scholar and create their own legacy to the Honors Program. Students are expected to explore their futures as Susquehanna University alumni, both on an intellectual and personal level. The Honors Colloquium course highlights our students' work and contributions to the Susquehanna University community. Students are expected to share scholarly expertise, engage in critical thinking and conduct a project that impacts the Susquehanna University campus community in a way that is both positive and uniquely reflective of the Honors Program. 2 SH. Capstone.