OFFS:VILLAND GO Villandraut.

Students spend two weeks of this three-week GO program working on the restoration of the Chateau de Villandraut, a 14th-century castle in southwestern France, about 25 miles from Bordeaux. Activities include stone-cutting, work on an archeological dig and general maintenance of the chateau site. There are two strands of thematic study: social structure in the Middle Ages and issues relating to historic preservation in France and in the United States. Included are field trips to such sites as other historic monuments of the same era, a stone quarry, a vineyard, etc. French being the official language of the worksite, students will be required to make a commitment to speak only French during working hours. The two weeks on the site are preceded and followed by time in Paris, where students will visit several medieval landmarks. 2 SH. CC: Cross-Cultural.