Reserve Officers Training Corps (U.S. Army)

Assistant Director: Capt. Watkins

ROTC, or military science, is a four-year program divided into basic courses in the first and second years and advanced courses in the junior and senior years. Susquehanna University offers the program jointly with nearby Bucknell University. Some classes are taught at Susquehanna; some are taught at Bucknell.

The program is designed to prepare college graduates for commission as officers in the U.S. Army. Program goals are to strengthen responsibility and integrity and develop leadership skills and the moral courage to apply those skills.

First-year students and sophomores may enroll in the program on a trial basis with no commitment either to the program or to the military. Students may choose to leave the program or continue with advanced courses to earn officers’ commissions. Although the program is designed to start with new first-year students each fall, it is possible to make special arrangements to enter the program as late as the second semester of the sophomore year. Students with prior military service may validate the basic course and enter directly into the advanced course.

Students enrolled in the advanced courses receive a subsistence allowance. Students also receive books, uniforms and equipment at no cost. First-year students and sophomores may compete for U.S. Army ROTC merit scholarships that pay full tuition and fees, with an additional $900 each year for books.

Program requirements include a 32-day summer camp between the junior and senior years. Students receive a salary for the camp experience and receive travel, lodging and meals at no cost. Students also must complete one course in the area of military history.

First-year classes meet once weekly for 60 minutes; sophomore classes meet for a total of two hours weekly. Advanced-course classes meet weekly for a total of three hours. Students also are required to participate in physical-fitness training sessions (one hour each, number varies with class), and 12 hours of laboratory time throughout the semester. There also is one weekend field trip each semester.

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