Short-Term (GO Short) Programs

  1. Students planning short-term study away typically choose from the wide variety of SU GO Short programs (list available on the SU Study Away Web page) or may propose to attend a non-SU program (see (c) SU GO Your Own Way).
  2. Students are not permitted to participate in online courses during the duration of the travel portion of the GO Short program.
  3. Need-based aid may be available for students attending an SU GO Short program to fulfill the Cross-Cultural requirement. To access need-based financial aid for off-campus study, students must:
    1. Complete the standard financial aid application, meeting university deadlines;
    2. Provide documentation of all expenses they expect to incur in studying away from Susquehanna, including transportation, room, board and other academically required costs;
    3. Meet or exceed the required grade point average and satisfactory academic progress requirements for renewal of scholarship assistance and/or need-based financial aid. NOTE: Most forms of SU-sponsored scholarship assistance (non-need-based aid) are not available to students on SU GO Short programs because these programs take place outside the traditional academic calendar.
  4. Students will be charged specific program fees for participation in any SU GO Short program. These fees vary according to the location, duration and type of program. In addition, each student will, upon acceptance to an SU GO Short program, be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit. That deposit will be credited to the program fee billed by Susquehanna University. In order for the student to participate in study away, the university requires that all accounts be current.