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Susquehanna University Bulletin

Academic Calendar

Elements of a Susquehanna Education


Majors and Minors

Courses of Study

Accounting and Information Systems


Asian Studies


Biology Faculty

Biology Studies

Biology Courses

BIOL:010 Issues in Biology.

BIOL:020 Human Sexuality and Reproduction.

BIOL:101 Ecology, Evolution and Heredity.

BIOL:102 Cell and Organismal Biology.

BIOL:157 The Biology of Women.

BIOL:201 Genetics.

BIOL:202 Systematic Biology.

BIOL:204 Biogeodiversity.

BIOL:300 Developmental Biology.

BIOL:301 Developmental Biology Laboratory.

BIOL:302 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy.

BIOL:303 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory.

BIOL:306 Cell Biology.

BIOL:307 Cell Biology Laboratory.

BIOL:308 Vertebrate Natural History.

BIOL:309 Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory.

BIOL:310 Animal Physiology.

BIOL:311 Animal Physiology Laboratory.

BIOL:312 Microbiology.

BIOL:313 Microbiology Laboratory.

BIOL:314 Histology.

BIOL:316 Molecular Biology.

BIOL:317 Molecular Biology Laboratory.

BIOL:320 Exercise and Extreme Physiology.

BIOL:321 Exercise and Extreme Physiology Laboratory.

BIOL:324 Animal Behavior.

BIOL:325 Animal Behavior Laboratory.

BIOL:326 Invertebrate Zoology.

BIOL:327 Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory.

BIOL:400 Immunology.

BIOL:401 Immunology Laboratory.

BIOL:404 Plant Physiology.

BIOL:405 Plant Physiology Laboratory.

BIOL:406 Ecology.

BIOL:407 Ecology Laboratory.

BIOL:408 Aquatic Ecology.

BIOL:409 Aquatic Ecology Laboratory.

BIOL:424 The Biochemistry of Metabolism.

BIOL:425: The Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids.

BIOL:426 The Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes.

BIOL:427 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes Laboratory.

BIOL:429 Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory.

BIOL:440 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.

BIOL:441 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory.

BIOL:455 Neurons and Networks.

BIOL:500 Topics in Biology.

BIOL:501 Seminar in Biology.

BIOL:502 Biology Internship.

BIOL:503 Biological Issues in Australia.

BIOL:504 Independent Study in Biology.

BIOL:510 Student Research I.

BIOL:511 Student Research II.

BIOL:550 Explorations in Biology.

BIOL:560 Interdisciplinary Explorations in Biology.

OFFS:AUSTRAL Focus Australia.

OFFS:HRTNOLA Hurricane Relief Team: The New Orleans Experience.

OFFS:RUSSIA The Golden Ring of Russia: Ecology and Culture.



Communications Faculty

Communications Studies

Communications Major Emphases

Communications Minors

Communications Courses

Required of All Communications Majors

Digital Multimedia Emphasis

Strategic Communications Emphasis

Communication Arts Emphasis

Other Courses

Computer Science

Diversity Studies

Earth and Environmental Sciences


Economics, B.A.

Economics, B.S.


Education Faculty

Education Studies

Education Course Requirements

Education Courses

EDUC:101 Introduction to Education and Society.

EDUC:102 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education.

EDUC:125 Residential Leadership for Social Justice and Community Development.

EDUC:202 Introduction to Human Geography.

EDUC:205 Topics in Education.

EDUC:240 Cognition and Classroom Learning: Early Childhood.

EDUC:250 Educational Psychology.

EDUC:260 Introduction to Special Education.

EDUC:270 Instruction of Exceptional Students.

EDUC:300 Arts in Education.

EDUC:310 Math Methods: Pre-school.

EDUC:311 Math Methods: Primary Grades.

EDUC:330 Technology in Education.

EDUC:350 English Language Learners: Theory and Instruction.

EDUC:365 Pre-school Language and Emergent Literacy.

EDUC:366 Primary Literacy Development.

EDUC:367 Literacy Assessment and Interventions.

EDUC:370 The Theory and Practice of Peer Education.

EDUC:374 Methods of Mathematics Instruction.

EDUC:375 Literacy I: Building Blocks for Teaching Literacy.

EDUC:377 Literacy II: Assessment, Intervention and Instruction for the Elementary Classroom.

EDUC:380 Instructional Design.

EDUC:384 Introduction to Early Childhood Education.

EDUC:389 Assessment.

EDUC:400 Social Studies Methods: Early Childhood.

EDUC:410 Family and Community.

EDUC:420-427 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Secondary Education.

EDUC:430 Science Methods: Early Childhood.

EDUC:476 Principles of Learning and Teaching in Elementary Education.

EDUC:479 Principles of Learning and Teaching in Secondary Education.

EDUC:481 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Education.

EDUC:482 Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management in Elementary Education.

EDUC:483 Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management in Secondary Education.

EDUC:485 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Early Childhood Education.

EDUC:490 Pedagogy and Classroom Environment.

Student Teaching Block.

EDUC:601 Independent Study.

INTD:320 The Sciences.

OFFS:CHILE Life is Good in Chile.

English and Creative Writing

English Faculty

English Studies

English Courses

ENGL:090 College Writing.

ENGL:100 Writing and Thinking.

ENGL:190 Introduction to Modern Publishing.

ENGL:200 Literature and Culture.

ENGL:205 Literature Studies.

ENGL:220 Studies in Literatures of the Americas, Colonial to 1865. (Early Period)

ENGL:225 Studies in Literatures of the Americas, 1865 to Present.

ENGL:230 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Medieval to Renaissance. (Early Period)

ENGL:233 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Jacobean to Augustan. (Early Period)

ENGL:235 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Romantic to Modernist.

ENGL:245 Studies in Comparative Literatures of the Americas. (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL:250 World Literature. (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL:255 Jewish Literature. (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL:265 Forms of Writing.

ENGL:269 English Grammar and the Writing Process.

ENGL:290 Aesthetics and Interpretation.

ENGL:298 Book Reviewing.

ENGL:300 History of the English Language. (Early Period)

ENGL:305 Themes in Early British Literature. (Early Period)

ENGL:315 Themes in Early Modern British Literature. (Early Period)

ENGL:325 Themes in Modern British Literature.

ENGL:335 Themes in Early American Literature. (Early Period)

ENGL:345 Themes in Modern American Literature.

ENGL:350 Studies in Major Authors.

ENGL:355 Studies in Anglophone Literature. (Multicultural/Nonwestern)

ENGL:361 Studies in Literature and Genre.

ENGL:365 Studies in Literature and Gender.

ENGL:381 Advanced Composition: Rhetoric and the Environment.

ENGL:382 Reading/Writing/Teaching Difference.

ENGL:388 Publishing: Entertainment, Art, Politics, Ethics.

ENGL:390 Special Themes and Topics.

ENGL:440 Independent Research: Issues in Literature.

ENGL:500 Directed Reading and Research.

ENGL:505 Independent Study.

ENGL:520 Practicum.

ENGL:540 Internship.

INTD:315 Self-Exploration Through Travel Writing.

OFFS-SAFRICA Travel Writing in South Africa.

OFFS-NIREPCE Peace and Youth in Northern Ireland.

Creative Writing Courses

Film Studies

Health Care Studies


History Faculty

History Studies

History Courses

HIST:111 United States History to 1877.

HIST:112 United States History Since 1877.

HIST:131 Europe 800-1648.

HIST:132 Europe, 1648–Present.

HIST:151 Traditional East Asia.

HIST:152 Modern East Asia.

HIST:171 African Civilization.

HIST:172 Early Modern Africa.

HIST:180 Latin America, 1492–1825.

HIST:181 Latin America 1825-Present.

HIST:215 The Civil War in the American Experience.

HIST:217 Contemporary America, 1945–Present.

HIST:218 Work and Play in the U.S.A.

HIST:226 Soviet and Russian Politics.

HIST:238 Contemporary Europe.

HIST:258 Modern China.

HIST:300 History Methods.

HIST:313 Social History of the United States.

HIST:314 African-American History.

HIST:316 Making a Multicultural United States.

HIST:321 European Union.

HIST:322 Pennsylvania History.

HIST:323 History of American Medicine.

HIST:330 The Middle Ages.

HIST:331 Medieval People and Culture.

HIST:335 Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain.

HIST:338 The Holocaust.

HIST:361 Global Migrations in Modern World History.

HIST:370 American Women.

HIST:375 Piracy.

HIST:376 Race and Nation in Modern Latin America.

HIST:381 Film and History.

HIST:383 Popular Music and History in the 20th Century.

HIST:390 Topics in History.

HIST:401 Collective Inquiry in History.

HIST:408 Readings in History.

HIST:410 Seminar in History.

HIST:420 Internship in History.

HIST:501 Independent Study.

HIST:502 Honors Conference.

OFFS:APPALAC History in Southern Appalachia.

OFFS:AUSTRIA National History, Global Responsibilities.

Honors Program

International Studies

Jewish Studies

Legal Studies


Management Faculty

Business Administration Studies

Management Courses

MGMT:102 Global Business Perspectives.

MGMT:133 British Theatre.

MGMT:202 Business Statistics.

MGMT:203 Quantitative Methods for Business and Economic Decisions.

MGMT:250 Introductory Topics in Business.

MGMT:280 Marketing.

MGMT:301 London Program Reflection Course.

MGMT:318 Integrated Marketing Communications.

MGMT:330 Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Theory, Practice, and Concept.

MGMT:340 Corporate Financial Management.

MGMT:342 Investment Analysis.

MGMT:344 Financial Institutions and Markets.

MGMT:345 International Financial Management.

MGMT:350 International Business.

MGMT:351 Seminar in European Business Operations.

MGMT:360 Management and Organizational Behavior.

MGMT:361 Human Resource Management.

MGMT:362 Employment Law.

MGMT:363 Employee and Labor Relations.

MGMT:369 Values, Ethics, and the Good Life.

MGMT:381 Marketing Research.

MGMT:382 Consumer Behavior.

MGMT:384 Retailing.

MGMT:390 Operations Management.

MGMT:400 Business Policy and Strategy.

MGMT:404 Business and Social Responsibility.

MGMT:433 New Venture Start-up and Financing.

MGMT:434 Entrepreneurial Experience.

MGMT:435 Entrepreneurial Venture Strategy and Economic Growth.

MGMT:441 Advanced Corporate Financial Management.

MGMT:442 Portfolio Management.

MGMT:443 Applied Investments and Security Analysis.

MGMT:444 Applied Institutional Investment Management.

MGMT:446 Topics in Finance.

MGMT:461 Projects in Human Resource Management.

MGMT:462 Human Resource Planning.

MGMT:464 Compensation Structure Design.

MGMT:465 Performance Management.

MGMT:466 Negotiations.

MGMT:467 Topics in Management.

MGMT:468 Women in Organizations.

MGMT:481 Advertising Management.

MGMT:485 Marketing Strategy and Management.

MGMT:486 Topics in Marketing.

MGMT:501 Independent Study.

MGMT:502 Senior Research.

MGMT:503 Business Internship.

OFFS:PERUCLT Peruvian Culture and Society.


Modern Languages

Modern Languages Faculty

Modern Language Studies

Modern Languages Courses






Courses taught in English


Music Faculty

Music Studies

Music Courses

Applied Music Lessons


Music Theory, Composition and Musicianship

Music History

Music Education Courses

Music Technology


Church Music

Jazz Studies

Music Seminars



Political Science

Political Science Faculty

Political Science Studies

Political Science and Related Courses

American Government and Politics

Public Law

Comparative Politics

International Politics and Foreign Policy

Political Thought

Political Science Seminars, Independent Studies and Internships



Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Faculty

Sociology and Anthropology Studies

Sociology Courses

Anthropology Courses


Women’s Studies

Special Programs

Academic Policies and Regulations

Campus Life, Student Services and Facilities

Admission to Susquehanna

Costs and Financial Aid