Communications Studies

Learning goals:

  • Students will be able to identify, explain and apply theory.
  • Students will demonstrate communication skills (oral, visual, written, research).
  • Students will recognize ethical implications and relate them to various contexts.
  • Students will develop and practice critical thinking.

Teacher Certification. The department offers a program leading to teacher certification in communications. Majors choosing this program also complete additional requirements specified by the Department of Education. For more information, please see the education requirements section.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Susquehanna offers a major in communications with three possible emphases: digital multimedia (with tracks in either broadcasting or journalism), strategic communications (with tracks in either public relations or corporate communications) and communication arts (with tracks in speech communication, communication studies or teacher certification). Majors complete university Central Curriculum requirements, plus 46 to 50 semester hours of courses in a selected emphasis and track. These include introductory courses, practica for learning skills and specific emphases requirements. A grade of C- or better is required for any course to apply to the major or minor. Courses may count toward only one emphasis or minor.

The department also expects communications majors and minors to participate each semester in related cocurricular activities. Options include WQSU-FM radio station; The Crusader student newspaper; The Lanthorn student yearbook; Sterling Communications, the student-run public relations firm; the Paul Dannelley chapter of PRSSA; and other activities supervised by department faculty.