The English major is designed to prepare students for a successful, fulfilling life and career in the 21st century by training them to understand the theoretical implications and historical context of all forms of writing and become expert writers. A graduate from this program will have superb analytic and problem-solving skills, powerful methods to understand cultural context and meaning, and the ability to perform advanced research in any text-based field, such as law, education, government, library science, publishing, editing, marketing and public advocacy.

Learning goals:

  • Critical thinking: originality and appreciation of nuance
  • Interpretation: history, theory and criticism
  • Literacy: reading, intertextuality and cosmopolitanism

Style: rhetoric, genre and audience

Requirements for the English major. 48 semester hours with grades of C- or better.

semester hours


ENGL:290 Aesthetics and Interpretation


Surveys in Traditions of Literatures: students choose one from each of the following three clusters:


ENGL:230 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Medieval to Renaissance



ENGL:233 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Jacobean to Augustan


ENGL:220 Studies in Literatures of the Americas, Colonial to 1865



ENGL:235 Studies in Literatures of the British Commonwealth, Romantic to Modernist


ENGL:225 Studies in Literatures of the Americas, 1865 to Present



ENGL:245 Studies in Comparative Literatures of the Americas (Multicultural)


Surveys in Forms of Writing



ENGL:265 Novel



ENGL:265 Poetry



ENGL:265 Drama



ENGL:265 Memoir



ENGL:265 Popular Writing



ENGL:265 Short Story



ENGL:265 Epic


Practice of Writing chosen from the following courses:



ENGL:295 Academic Writing in English Studies



ENGL:298 Book Reviewing



Any WRIT:240 Introduction to Genre Writing



Any WRIT:250 Introduction to Creative Writing (cannot be taken first semester of first year)


Advanced Studies and Themes (restricted to third semester standing) chosen from:



ENGL:300 History of the English Language (Early Period)



ENGL:305 Themes in Early British Literature (Early Period)



ENGL:315 Themes in Early Modern British Literature (Early Period)



ENGL:325 Themes in Modern British Literature



ENGL:335 Themes in Early American Literature (Early Period)



ENGL:345 Themes in Modern American Literature



ENGL:350 Studies in Major Authors



ENGL:355 Studies in Anglophone Literature (Multicultural)



ENGL:361 Studies in Literary Forms



ENGL:365 Studies in Literature and Gender



ENGL:381 Advanced Composition: Rhetoric and the Environment



ENGL:382 Reading/Writing/Teaching Difference



ENGL:388 Entertainment, Arts, Politics, Ethics



ENGL:390 Special Themes and Topics


ENGL:440 Independent Research: Issues in Literature


8 semester hours must be from "Early Period" at the 300 level


4 semester hours at either the 200 or 300 level must be from multicultural or non-Western literatures.

The English-secondary education major is designed to prepare students to teach English in grades 7-12 and be successful on standard exams required of teaching candidates. This major is offered by the Department of English and Creative Writing in conjunction with the Department of Education. It is designed to be a program leading to teacher certification, and students formally apply to the teacher education program by February of their sophomore year or as soon after that as possible. At the time of application, the candidate must have at least a 3.00 overall GPA and a 3.00 English GPA.

Requirements for the English-Secondary Education Major. 48 semester hours with grades of C- or better

Required courses are the same as for the English major, but English-secondary education majors are encouraged to take ENGL:350 Major Authors, Shakespeare to fulfill their credit hours in Advanced Studies and Themes. Students must also complete the required education courses for secondary education certification as listed in the education section.