L. Jay Lemons, President; B.S. and B.A. 1983, Nebraska Wesleyan University; M.Ed. 1985, University of Nebraska; Ph.D. 1991, University of Virginia. (2001, 2001)

Linda McMillin, Provost and Dean of the Faculty; Professor of History; B.A., Loyola Marymount University; M.A. 1986, Ph.D. 1990, University of California, Los Angeles. (1989, 2013)

Valerie Martin, Associate Provost and Dean, School of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor of Music; B.M.E. 1985, Murray State University; M.M. 1988, D.M.A. 1994, University of Alabama. (1994, 2012)

Colleen K. Flewelling, Assistant Provost and Director of Institutional Research and Assessment; Assistant Professor of Philosophy; B.A. 1991, College of Wooster; M.A. 1992, University of Iowa; Ph.D. 2002, Duquesne University. (2008, 2008)

Marsha Kelliher, Dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business; Associate Professor of Management; B.A. 1982, Indiana University; J.D. 1987, South Texas College of Law; LL.M 1994, University of San Diego. (2013, 2013)

David Richard, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Biology; B.S. 1981, University of Stirling (U.K); M.S. 1982, University of Dundee; Ph.D. 1987, University of Edinburgh. (1993, 2013)