Special Admission

Nondegree Candidates. Students not formally admitted as degree-seeking candidates may enroll in courses as nondegree students with the permission of the registrar. The registrar must approve the nature and amount of coursework based upon the student's prior academic record. Nondegree applicants may be required to provide a transcript of all previous academic work. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. If the cumulative GPA falls below this point, the university may refuse permission to pursue further coursework. Enrollment will be on a space-available basis only.

Nondegree students planning to attend the university later as degree candidates should consult the admissions staff. This should be done as early as possible to assure proper guidance and to complete the admission process. Nondegree students who have completed 12 semester hours of coursework and who intend to become degree candidates must declare their intention and be properly advised before continuing to enroll in courses at Susquehanna. Students planning to transfer Susquehanna credits elsewhere should obtain prior clearance from the academic dean or registrar of the receiving institution.

Nondegree students are subject to all rules and regulations of the university. They will be graded on the same basis as degree candidates, and the registrar will maintain a permanent academic record of all courses attempted or completed. If a student enters the university as a nondegree student and later becomes a degree candidate, the grades earned as a nondegree student are included in the GPA.

Summer Session. Susquehanna's four-week intensive summer session and seven-week regular summer session offer a variety of courses. A list of the summer session courses is posted online early in the spring semester. Recent high school graduates who have been admitted to other colleges may enroll in the summer session. They should confer in advance with the college they plan to attend to make certain the credit earned will be transferable. Summer session candidates who plan to earn a Susquehanna degree must first have their applications approved by the Office of Admissions.

Qualified students who have completed the junior year of high school may enroll in summer session credit courses. Candidates should provide a letter of recommendation from their high school guidance counselors. All students who wish to enroll in the summer session should apply through the Office of Event Management.