The Sigmund Weis School of Business

The Degree Programs. The Sigmund Weis School of Business offers the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in accounting, economics and business administration. Business administration majors also select an emphasis in an area of interest from the following: entrepreneurship, finance, global management, human resource management and marketing. Students also may substitute the minor in information systems for an emphasis. For details, please see the management department section. All majors in the Sigmund Weis School complete the university Central Curriculum courses, the business foundation courses that are described in the next section and courses required for the major or emphasis. The school also offers a major in information systems leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Students who do not enter the university as majors in business may apply to transfer to the Sigmund Weis School from other majors within the university. For students transferring within the university, the requirements for consideration of admission to the Sigmund Weis School are good academic standing and approval of the appropriate department head.

The academic programs for the first two years are very similar for each of the three majors. This allows students in the Sigmund Weis School to wait until their second year to decide on their majors, though many choose their majors earlier.

Business Foundation Courses. All majors in the Sigmund Weis School must complete the 58-60 semester hours of business foundation courses. In addition, they must complete those courses specific to their majors or academic emphases. Foundation courses comprise a critical basis for the study and understanding of business, no matter where a student’s interests and career path may lead. No grade below a C- will be accepted toward graduation for foundation courses; upon earning a grade below C- in a foundation course, the student must retake the course the next semester in which it is offered. The course descriptions listed later in the catalog identify prerequisites, and these suggest a certain degree of order in completing the foundation. In addition to the foundation, first-semester business students enroll in MGMT:102 Global Business Perspectives (four semester hours), which provides an introduction to liberal studies and college life, as well as an overview of business functional areas, career opportunities and the Sigmund Weis School curriculum. This course satisfies the Perspectives requirement of the Central Curriculum.