Theatre Studies

Learning goals:

  • Students will develop proficiency in the methods of creating artistic and scholarly work and acquire abilities to integrate the study and practice of theatre.
  • Students will learn how to create and contribute to the discipline of theatre by recognizing and employing relevant and worthy theatre, non-theatre and interdisciplinary sources to inform their creative and scholarly activities.
  • Students will articulate artistic and scholarly vocabularies drawn from written, visual and physical texts that will support their continued practice and study of theatre.
  • Students will learn how to reflect upon and assess their work in critical and constructive ways by applying concepts, theories and methods within academic and professional contexts.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Susquehanna offers a major in theatre with two emphases: performance and production and design. Majors complete university Central Curriculum requirements plus 52 semester hours of courses in one of the two theatre emphases. These include introductory courses and specific emphasis requirements. A grade of C- or better is required for any course to apply to the major or minor. Courses may count toward only one emphasis or minor. The department also expects theatre majors and minors to participate each semester in department theatre productions and activities supervised by department faculty.