Welcome to the Circle K Website

The three main focuses of Circle K are service, leadership, and fellowship. In addition to providing a number of service options throughout the semester, we try our best to promote leadership and fellowship opportunities.


Circle K is a collegiate service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Members of Circle K are dedicated to serving their communities, both on and off campus. A variety of service projects take place each semester - typically one or two each week. SU's Circle K club is all about making sure that members are enjoying their time spent giving back to the community - that's why you will never be required to complete a set amount of service hours or participate in projects that don't appeal to your personal interests. Members choose the projects that they want to help with, and they have fun doing them!


If you are dedicated to service and want to make a difference both on and off campus, there are a number of executive board positions that you can fill. Two of our board members are currently first year students!


Fellowship is a huge component of the Circle K here on campus. We want you to feel connected to your fellow members! Please feel free to stay after meetings to mingle with one another, because our club members are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Engage in conversation with them, and maybe you'll find your new best friend. As a member of SU's Circle K, you'll occasionally have opportunities to meet Circle K members from other schools, too!