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April 11, 2014
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Senior writing majors to give public reading

The second of six Creative Writing Senior Readings will take place on Dec. 5.
The Senior Readings are an annual event, according to Gary Fincke, professor of English and creative writing.

The readings run throughout the year.

According to Fincke, all senior creative writing majors must give a public reading of an original work.

The readings are given in groups of four or five, and each student must read for about 15 minutes.

Fincke said, "It's a requirement for graduation, but more important, it's an opportunity for each senior to have an audience for their best work."

Fincke continued: "We also videotape every reading for a permanent record of the event. Each senior follows his or her reading by producing a chapbook of work that is archived in the library and with the Writers Institute, as well as being distributed to friends and family."

Senior Kate Manning, a creative writing major and English minor, said she thinks the readings are a good idea.

"We work so closely in workshop and through the process of writing; it's great to finally get to hear a finished product," she said.

During the reading, Manning will present a non-fiction personal essay.

"We can read anything we want; it doesn't necessarily have to be new," she said. "I'm reading a new piece because it is the one that has the most polish to it."

Fincke said this year's readings will be held in the faculty lounge in Seibert Hall.

However, the readings may be moved to a different location due to the size of the audience.

The readings will begin at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.


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