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September 14, 2007
Vol. 49 No. 2

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Magazine is outlet for writers

Courtesy of Jessica Sprenkle
The Write Stuff -- Senior Alyssa Kopanyi introduced the new issue of the Susquehanna Review on Wednesday, Sept. 12.
Susquehanna opened the new year with a celebration of creativity from undergraduate students from all across the country.

The latest issue of the Susque-hanna Review was released Wed-nesday, Sept. 12. A reception was held in the Shearer Dining Rooms in Degenstein Center at 7:30 p.m. Stories and poems were read from the issue by the student writers and editors.

Along with the readings, Karla Kelsey, assistant professor of creative writing, explained how students of any major can be involv-ed with campus publications.

Kelsey is the faculty advisor to the Susquehanna Review, providing help with coordination and training the new editors, but she said that the students do all the work themselves.

The Susquehanna Review is one of several publications printed on campus, though it features writings from students attending colleges around the country, a-long with Susquehanna students.

Senior Alyssa Kopanyi, a co-editor in chief for the Susque-hanna Review, said reading the works were one of the most interesting aspects of her job. "It's exciting because I get to see the undergraduate writing from across the country."

The new issue of the Susque-hanna Review includes three fiction short stories, two nonfiction short stories and 13 poems penned from authors from Ken-tucky, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York and California. Kelsey said: "This year, we have really exceptional work. I hope [students] will see how professional and intriguing the journal is."

To create the issue, the reading board collected submissions and passed what it believed to be the best works to the genre editors, who worked with graphic designers Mark Fertig and Mark Bednar in proofreading and setting up the page layouts.

Kopanyi said her favorite piece was a poem, "Nine Sizes of Lacking," written by a mother, because it provided a view from a person with more life experience.

Along with student writings, the Susquehanna Review features interviews with professional writers Patsy Sims and Andre Dubus III.

Kopanyi, who interviewed Dubus, said the transcript was much longer than the nine pages printed in the book. She said, "It was difficult to cut down because he had so many interesting things to say."

This issue is the first to feature a full-color photo journal, taken by Sarah Heath. The cover art is based on theatre production set Lysistrata by Ashley Stephenson. Kopanyi said that these new elements will "[bridge] the gap be-tween art, theatre and writing."

Copies of the Susquehanna Review are available for free at the library circulation desk. Rob-ert Shick, the fiction editor, en-couraged all students to pick up a copy, saying, "I hope this magazine will give students, both writing majors and others, the chance to see what else is being produced by their peers on other campuses, and perhaps foster a dialogue between our campus and some of these other campuses."

Junior Amanda Longenecker, managing editor for the issue, said, "I think [students] will be surprised at what they find; maybe something a little different from what they are used to, maybe something they can personally connect with, [or] maybe something that will inspire them to try something new with their own writing."


Magazine is outlet for writers

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