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February 01, 2008
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Health Center to offer new program promoting health, wellness lifestyle

While the Health Center most often seeks to cure sick students, beginning next week, it will also begin to offer a new program to promote lifelong wellness.
Starting Wednesday, the Health Center will offer yoga classes for students, complemented by a presentation from a dietician, to show them how to be healthy for life.

Classes will be held every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Apple Community Room in the Garrett Sports Complex. The classes will be held every Wednesday until March 26.

According to Margie Briskey, a nurse at the Health Center, the center is hosting this event as a way to promote healthy lifestyles that students can adopt for life.
Briskey said that yoga was chosen because it can be practiced throughout life.

"Yoga is less demanding on one's joints and is not competitive," Briskey said. "Yoga offers additional benefit of addressing the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit."

The classes will be led by Sudharman, a director of the Integral Yoga Center in New Berlin.

According to Briskey, Sudharman has been playing an active role at Susquehanna for many years.

Sudharman has taken part in the annual Health Fair and has offered classes to resident assistants at the beginning of each school year.

Sudharman is a graduate of Cornell University and has been teaching yoga for more than 33 years, according to the Integral Yoga Center's Web site,

According to the Web site, Sudharman will instruct Integral Yoga, which "combines several branches of yoga into a simple system that addresses the needs of the body, mind, heart and spirit, creating an approach to life that brings simple joy and fulfillment."

Sudharman's classes will include physical postures, known as Hatha Yoga, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, meditation techniques, mantra repetition and self-inquiry.

Briskey said that she wanted to limit the class only to Susquehanna students.

"This is an age also where students are willing to try something new, to experiment with new types of activities," Briskey said.

As a way to wrap up the class, Briskey said clinical nutritionist Tayna Williams will visit during the last session.

Williams has been a dietitian at Bucknell for several years.

While visiting the class, Williams will discuss healthy eating and tips on how to eat better to produce more energy without all the caffeine.

"Both of these professionals are highly regarded in their fields. This is a great opportunity to have both on campus," Briskey said.

"Both professionals want to offer their experiences and exceptional information for the betterment of the health and well-being of our students," she said.

Students interested in attending the classes should sign up at the Health Center and the $25 cost will be billed to the student's Susquehanna account. Students only need to bring water, a small pillow and a beach towel or yoga mat to the classes.


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