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September 19, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 3

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Annual ASC festival celebrates moon

The Asian Student Coalition held its annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival last Saturday in the Seibert Hall faculty lounge.

Those who attended were treated to ice cream, cake, cookies, moon cakes and tea during two hours of socializing with ASC members.

"The moon festival is a mid-autumn celebration of the full moon," said Denise Moy, ASC advisor.

Sophomore Shery Zheng added, "The moon is celebrated because agriculture is very important since most Asians are farmers, and the moon is a force of nature that affects the environment."

"It's a chance for family to gather around and share the moon cake, which is made just for this event," Zheng said.

There were two choices of moon cake offered at the festival.

Moy explained they are a sweet cake that's incomparable to anything like American food.
Those who attended the event got to sample each, one filled with black bean paste, the other with lotus paste.

"This is the first event [of the academic year] that we organized," said Nabin Mulepati, a sophomore from Nepal. "We held it so that people may get to know what ASC is all about."

At the festival, Moy explained she thinks it is very important that students learn about other cultures.

Mulepati said, "I wanted to promote diversity on campus. Originally the club was for Asian studies minors but it has since changed. [The lifestyles] in Asia are very diverse. There are so many cultures. It's not just about China."

For those outside of ASC, this was a chance to experience something new and support their Asian friends and fellow students.

Freshman Sarah Myers attended the event to "learn more about Asian culture and support her friend [and classmate], Thao."

Senior Jen Herman, who attended the festival, said she was looking forward to this event.
During her study abroad Herman lived in Japan and after coming back, said she was "looking to stay engaged with the culture."

"Of all the cultures, Asian is the least known and it's important to broaden that aspect," Herman said.

Alyssa Morris, junior and ASC member, said she joined the organization after meeting some of the students from Macau.

Junior Andy Kilmer said, "I know a lot of people in ASC and I think it's interesting. I like learning about different cultures."

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was an opportunity to see a side of Susquehanna not often showcased, and to either experience something new or fall back into traditions already known.


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Annual ASC festival celebrates moon

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