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September 19, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 3

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Party encourages recycling, sustainability

Courtesy of The Crusader/Lyndsey Cox
Green scene-- Students participate in decorating glass bottles recycled from the surrounding dormitories at Tuesday's Green Party.
The Department of Residence Life and the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) sponsored the Susquehanna Green Party on Sept. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in West Village Circle.

The party featured music, food, games, activities and prizes aimed at raising environmental awareness on campus.

Senior Claire Polcrack, an organizer of the event, said the Green Party was a "celebration of the earth meant to keep students civically engaged."
Polcrack said the Green Party was a campus-wide party that "[would] hopefully promote environmentally-friendly actions."

Activities included a glass-decorating table using recycled glass from the dormitories and recycled paper origami.

In addition, a planting table was present where students could choose a plant, a pot and soil to plant things like aloe. All plants were donated to the Green Party by the local greensmith.

Polcrack said this party would benefit students by "getting them thinking about making [Susquehanna] more environmentally-friendly and sustainable."

A raffle was also held using recycled newspaper as raffle tickets. Winners of the raffle had their choice in prizes, which included EnviroNotes writing tablets, reusable grocery bags, recycled index cards, gift certificates to the Kind Cafe and a reusable mug donated by Mandy Nagy, head of the CCE.

"The Green Party is about sustainability and recycling and we want to promote the idea of recycling as something you just do as a part of your daily routine," said senior Jessica Boudakian, another organizer of the event.

She said the food at the party was organic and was purchased at a local farmer's market. She added that there were no paper or plastic products handed out at the event. Boudakian said this was to send the message that students should buy reusable utensils and dishware instead of wasting paper plates and disposable flatware.

"[No one] wants to leave a negative imprint on the earth," Boudakian said.

She said she wanted students to leave with the idea that they can help save and sustain the earth and change the environment in which they live.

Nagy said, "The event was a huge success. The collaborative effort by so many groups was fantastic. I'm always pleased to see groups work together toward a common goal."

Polcrack added, "Hopefully this party is the first of many events to raise awareness on campus not only about the environment, but also how our actions impact the world around us," Polcrack said.

The Green Party also featured the Center for Civic Engagement's refillable mug program. Polcrack said the program was designed to get students thinking green and to reduce paper and foam cup waste.

The 100 percent recycled corn plastic mugs cost $6 and can be purchased at the CCE or Charlie's. Students can charge them to their accounts or pay for them in cash. If the mugs are presented at Java City or Charlie's, then students will receive a discount on their refill of coffee, tea or cocoa.


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