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November 07, 2008
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BJ's trivia night reinstated Nov. 4

Trivia Night at BJ's Steak and Rib House has been reinstated after being cancelled for six weeks.

Nov. 4 was the first event since it was taken away and about 60 people attended, said BJ Kirkpatrick, a manager at BJ's.

According to Kirkpatrick, "We need to make a certain amount of money, which is about 50 people attending the event, in order to make a profit. If we don't have that many people, it's not worth it."

Last year there were about 120 participants on a given night and when it was cut off six weeks ago, there were only 14 people who showed, Kirkpatrick said.

"The proprietor received about 40 comment cards from customers saying to bring the event back and he realized he was missing out on something," Kirkpatrick said.

He continued to say that if it pays for itself they will keep the event running, but if there is lack of participation like there was a few weeks ago, it can be taken away.

They will be running the event every Tuesday and are hoping to have the same host, Michele Spuesinis, said Miriam Kirkpatrick, the wife of BJ.

Kirkpatrick said that the restaurant loves Susquehanna students and that students will be treated like gold when they visit.

"They should use the comment cards if anyone has any flack given to them when they visit BJ's. Every card is looked at," Kirkpatrick said.

According to Kirkpatrick, the hours will be changing during the week (Sunday through Thursday). The new closing time will be midnight. Friday and Saturday night will remain the same, being open until 2 a.m. However, he said that if someone were to come in at 11:55 p.m., they would still be served.

He also said that the restaurant will be introducing a new, cheaper menu by Dec. 1. The restaurant will also feature Lion's Head on tap for $1.50.


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BJ's trivia night reinstated Nov. 4

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