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November 07, 2008
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Display honors faculty research, scholarship

Susquehanna faculty members were honored for their past year of research, awards, publications, recordings, presentations and performances with the 2008 Focus on Scholarship reception and display in the Blough-Weis Library.

A reception was held Nov. 6 in the lobby of the library, next to the display that exhibits most of the accomplishments from Susquehanna professors from June 1, 2007 through May 31, 2008.

According to Librarian and Blough-Weis Library Director Kathleen Gunning, the display includes material versions of the faculty research and accomplishments from the past year. Gunning said that the materials were collected by library staff members and that the display was created by Susan Musser, administrative assistant to the library.

The display is not a comprehensive exhibition of all faculty research accomplishments, but represents the majority of those who participated in professional scholarship, according to the Focus on Scholarship publication.

The display is accompanied by a publication from the Office of Communications that documents all of the faculty's endeavors.

Linda McMillin, the provost and dean of the faculty, credited Gerry Cohen, assistant vice president of communications, with transforming the publication "from an internal pamphlet to a professional piece more worthy of honoring the remarkable faculty achievements it chronicles."

This is the fifth year of the Focus on Scholarship program, continuing a tradition of recognizing faculty members for going above and beyond their jobs in the classroom via research or other means to advance themselves in their respective fields, McMillin said.
"All faculty are expected to be active scholars in ways that are appropriate to their discipline," McMillin said. "This allows them to continue to be able to bring the latest ideas to the classroom."

"Scholarship is a broader term than research and is inclusive of research and creative activity," McMillin said.

Susquehanna faculty were involved in various activities over the past year.

Susquehanna faculty also secured the university more than $615,000 in grants. The largest was $250,760, secured by Associate Professor of Biology Matthew Persons through the National Science Foundation for Collaborative Research at Undergraduate Institutions, within the division of integrative biology.

The next largest grant also came from the National Science Foundation. $149,014 over the next three years was secured by Assistant and Associate Professors of Mathematics Lisa Orloff Clark and Jeffrey Graham, for their summer research program for undergraduate students.

The third largest grant, for $99,000, came from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and was merited by Assistant Professor of Economics Matthew Rousu for the research paper "Decomposing the Value of Cigarettes Using Experimental Auctions."

"Each year when Focus on Scholarship rolls off the press, I am both awed and humbled by the accomplishment of my colleagues," McMillin said.

"It is by undertaking scholarly and creative activities that we become better mentors and role models for our students."


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