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November 07, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 9

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Student provides break-up remedies

Let's face it, Prince Charming only exists in Disney movies, and those knights in shining armor are simply a mirage.

Relationships are complicated and deep, and everyone's experiences are different.

But don't they always start and end up the same? Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, and things either turn out beautifully or end up in flames.

It's natural to sigh for those relationships that appear to be perfect and get angry when yours are prone to burning out, but don't lose faith.

Ladies, you're not alone. It's okay to have a painful break up; raccoon eyes and swollen lids the morning after, mascara covered pillows, emptied bags of chocolate on the bedroom floor, and the 'I hate you, never come back' songs on repeat.

But if you let this consume you, you're making it much harder on yourself.

I know it's miserable, and I know it's heart-wrenching, but you need to be willing to move on.

Don't get me wrong, I know you hate being where you are, but look on the bright side; your love life is now 100 percent drama free and love-less.

Wait, who are we kidding? That sounds terrible.

But whether you want to hear this or not, it's actually the best thing for you, because it's what you need.

You need time to heal and you need time to put your feet back on the ground.

You're just beginning to take baby steps in learning how to balance life again without depending heavily on someone else and that's okay.

Take the first step. It's the only way to move on with your life. Get off your seat, roll out of bed, and pick yourself up.

Let's go. Get up. It's time to move.

Turn on the lights, and open up your windows to get a breeze flowing.

Go and put on that music that makes you want to dance all day, I highly advise some Britney Spears, and open up your closet doors.

Take a look inside and marvel at your selection of outfits. I know the decision is tough, but that's why I urge you to try on everything and anything your heart desires.

There is bound to be one outfit that puts a smile of satisfaction on your face.

I want you to doll up and put on make-up that accentuates your very best facial features.

Splash on your favorite scent, Chanel never fails me, and think about all the wonderful things you love about yourself.

You are worth it; you are stunning, and you deserve the very best.

There is nothing more glamorous than a confident woman so embrace yourself.

Stay classy and fabulous ladies.


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