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October 02, 2009
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Interactive lecture discusses student conduct

Courtesy of The Crusader/Hilary Hutter
Handbook-- Jenna Fredericks, assistant director of residence life for student conduct, led an interactive lecture on campus policies.
The third annual program titled "The System" was held in Isaac's Auditorium on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 9:30 p.m.

"The System" is an informative discussion regarding Susquehanna's campus policies and procedures.

During the program, which was hosted by the Office of Student Conduct, students were informed about campus policies and how the Student Conduct system operates on campus.

The Code of Student Con-duct was also discussed at the program.

This code was adapted from a model code prepared by Gary Pavela from the University of Maryland, according the Susquehanna Web site.

According to the Web site, "Choosing to join the Susquehanna University community obligates each member to a code of civilized behavior. Thus, students are expected to exhibit high standards of behavior and concern for others. The university has established a Code of Student Conduct, as well as other rules and regulations, which individuals and student organizations are expected to observe."

"We want you to know what to do and how to respond," Jenna Fredericks, assistant director of residence life for student conduct, said.

Fredericks introduced students to different scenarios from underage drinking to vandalism and proceeded to question what punishments would be appropriate for each offense.

This interactive approach allowed students to voice their opinions and offer feedback.
It was explained that every scenario has a different level of severity and if a student were to get into trouble, an understanding of the rules is crucial.

According to the Code of Student Conduct, "students charged with non-academic offenses that may result in penalties less than expulsion or suspension are subject to an informal disciplinary conference."

Fredericks said she urges students to pay attention to any e-mails received from the Department of Residence Life and Civic Engagement and reassures them that their safety is Susquehanna's foremost priority.

"Being an adult has responsibilities [...] Responsibilities don't end when you're off-campus," said Thomas Rambo, assistant vice president for student life and director of public safety.

If a student were to commit an offense in the Selinsgrove, they would receive punishment from both the campus administration and the borough.

The subject of underage drinking was also addressed during the presentation.

It was said that intoxication was involved during most causes of sexual assault.
Even if an underage student is not intoxicated, it is possible to be severely punished for possession of alcohol.

"If you are in room with alcohol, you are still in trouble," Fredericks said.

In addition to presenting hypothetical situations to students, "The System" was used to acquaint students with the people involved with the Department of Residence Life and Civic Engagement and to introduce the philosophy of the rules.

"The number one goal is to graduate," Fredericks added.

For more information on the Code of Student Conduct, or the Student Handbook, visit

New plans are also being made for upperclassmen who have already received campus policy violations.

In the coming weeks, students will be learning about CRMP, the Conduct Record Modification Program.

By participating in the program, students will have the opportunity to apply to have their conduct level reduced.

Participants must be on at least a 1A or 2D to qualify.

According to the information packet, "A successful CRM Program candidate will demonstrate their commitment to making safe and responsible choices, adhering to the Code of Student Conduct, as well as demonstrating genuine critical thinking skills and reflection of self."

Helpful hints for applicants to remember include: "The CRM program is an opportunity for students to address their behavior subsequent to past incident(s) and reflect on their personal development."

Students interested in more information about CRMP should contact Jenna Fredericks via e-mail.


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