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November 13, 2009
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Two juniors tackled Lazy Eye Press task

Junior creative writing majors Elizabeth Morris and Lauren Bailey won a chapbook contest held by the editing and publishing class at Susquehanna.

Sophomore Charlotte Lotz, who is in the editing and publishing class, said, "Every semester that an [e and p] class is offered, the students are required to create their own small press and publish a chapbook."

According to Morris, a chapbook is a small book containing between 18 and 42 pages, usually published by a small press. The chapbook can either be fiction, nonfiction or poetry.

"The first thing the class had to do was choose a name for the small press," Lotz said. Lazy Eye Press was the eventual winner.

She said the class then split into two teams-one each for poetry and nonfiction-of six members, who took on the roles of cover designer, interior designer, copy editor, public relations manager and managing editor.

Lotz was the poetry team managing editor. One of her tasks, in addition to helping her team run smoothly, was to interact and compare notes with the managing editor of the non-fiction section.

According to Lotz: "This semester, the class accepted submissions in nonfiction and poetry. We received 11 poetry submissions and 10 non-fiction submissions. After much delegation, we [chose] Elizabeth Morris as the poetry winner for her piece 'The Girl with Strawberry Hair.' For non-fiction, we selected Lauren Bailey's collection of memoir and personal essay, 'Maybe I Can Be Done Writing about Sex Now.'"

Bailey was unavailable to comment, but Morris said Bailey focused on sex as her theme.

"Lauren looks at sex from every angle to try and decipher why it is so compelling for humans,"?Morris said. "Her work is beautiful."

Morris wrote an acrostic poem called "Slowly my strings tangle into knots." The idea for the poem came from when she was 18 years old and saw the phrase written in gold marker on a wooden park bench in New York City.

She also said: "I tend to only write love poems. Or rather, I tend to only write about people I love. "

Lotz said that since the announcement of the winners, design has begun for the chapbook covers and their interiors

Morris said the class will print 100 copies of each chapbook. Lotz added that the winners will give a brief reading from their submissions and that chapbook copies will be offered free of charge at the event.

"I think that this chapbook contest is a wonderful way to promote community and to give writers on campus a taste of what life might be like outside of college," Morris said.

The launch for the chapbooks is scheduled for the second week of December.


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Two juniors tackled Lazy Eye Press task

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