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November 20, 2009
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Fifty authors provide work for 'Susquehanna Review'

Student publication theme brings 'energy to literature'

On Thursday, Nov. 19, a collection of approximately fifty writers, including students, faculty and others, gathered to celebrate the launch of the student publication titled "The Susquehanna Review." Faculty member Karla Kelsey, assistant professor of creative writing, introduced the publication and launch in Isaacs Auditorium in Seibert Hall at 7:30 p.m.

Pieces included in "The Susquehanna Review" are poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction works from students from Susquehanna and other colleges.

Editors and juniors Melissa Goodrich and Ryan Rickrode, managing editors and juniors Elizabeth Morris and Darielle Rocca, and design editor and junior Rob Rotell worked with each other and others for almost a year to get the magazine to press.

Goodrich said she became a member of the magazine's editorial board late last year. At that time, the reviewing of the submitted pieces was already in process and many of the reviewers and editors were already deciding on and critiquing the pieces.

"Most of the difficulty is organization and editing because it is all very time-consuming," Goodrich said. "A lot of the process was editing and getting in touch with proofreaders who were willing to help read over the pieces and edit for us. It took a long time."

She added of the editing and selecting process: "Over the summer, Ryan and I kept in contact through e-mail and over the phone, but it was mainly editing the pieces by hand and sending out acceptance and rejection letters after we narrowed down the pieces to the ones we wanted to keep."

Goodrich said that the editors strived to limit the number of Susquehanna faculty, staff and students in the magazine to less than 10 percent.

"On campus we have RiverCraft and Essay magazines, which are only for Susquehanna students," she said. "There are only six or seven national undergraduate magazines, which makes this one rather unique."

According to Goodrich, any college student can submit work to "The Susquehanna Review."

"As long as they are attending an undergraduate college or getting an undergraduate education, their work is acceptable for submission," she said.

Among the students whose work was accepted into the magazine and who attend other colleges are Katie Berleth, Giuliana Certo and Ryan Hunton.

Some of the students from Susquehanna, who read from their works during the launch, were juniors Aaron Abel, Amber Cook and Elizabeth Morris.

"It is an honor to be so duly a part of something like the Susquehanna Review," Morris said.

The theme of this year's publication is "Fighting to Remain Convex Against the Wind."
At the beginning of the launch, Goodrich and Rickrode explained that the theme was chosen very carefully.

Goodrich said that the pieces in the issue "bend, creat[ing] forward-moving energy that gives the literature a life of its own."


Fifty authors provide work for 'Susquehanna Review'

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