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April 27, 2012
Vol. 53 No. 22

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Summer hues take the scene

Anna Spisak & Emily Winters
Hey Fashionistas, it's Anna and Emily here for the last time. We want to make sure everyone is ready to take on the fashion scene this summer, whether you're headed for the beach, Europe or an exciting internship. We are making our way into the real world, so we leave you with these last tips as you gear up for summer.
First, make sure to make an investment in an article of clothing that is mint green. Whether you buy a shirt, a skirt or a pair of heels, mint green is all the rage. And it'll look great with a tan!
So while you're sun-kissed for the next four months, wear light colors to compliment it. If you aren't sure about a sea foam shade, take it slow and try it in a piece of jewelry or nail polish.
This brings us to nail polish. While we are all for dark nails (don't completely rule them out this summer) try bright, neon shades.
Neon is all the rage right now and if it isn't your style to flaunt around in neon-colored clothing, coat your nails with it. Sally Hansen, China Glaze and OPI have great summer lines coming with several neon shades to choose from.
And, remember, if your toes are showing - try to touch them up! Nobody likes to look at chipped toenail polish.
Summer 2012 is all about bold fashion statements, but this doesn't just have to be the clothes you wear. Makeup is just as much a part of your everyday look as your favorite gold wedges.
Lipsticks (other than the coveted reds) are finally making their well-deserved comeback. Fuchsias, bright purples and baby pinks are all hitting the scene.
If you're a little uneasy, which most girls are about lipstick, hit up your local makeup counter and have a consultant help you out. Skin tones and hair colors play a major role in your perfect shade.
It goes without saying, but summer is the best season for hair. Let your hair go natural and keep it healthy. Straight hair in the summer is so passe except for extremely nice situations.
Nothing is sexier than big, wavy hair that looks like it came right from the beach. Let the sun and water do their magic on your locks.
No matter what, feel confident in what you wear this summer because that is the best tip of all. Confidence is the greatest thing that looks good on everyone! Stay fabulous and have a memorable summer.


Summer hues take the scene



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