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October 26, 2012
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Scarecrows stand for more than just Halloween spirit

Traditionally, scarecrows can be a little spooky and scare away more than just birds. But Susquehanna's Scarecrows for a Cause aims to have the opposite effect.

Organized by senior Jessica Ranck, the group works to raise money for various charities in a creative and engaging way.

"Scarecrows for a Cause is a fun, unique opportunity for clubs and organizations on campus to spread the word about the mission of their club by promoting a particular charity and also helping to make campus look festive for fall," Ranck said. "Scarecrows are very recognizable and will make students and faculty alike stop to look, spreading the word about different causes that are important to students on campus."

Ranck started the organization last year after she noticed a similar trend in different towns and decided to bring it to campus.

"In my experience, holidays and seasons tend to get lost when everyone is focused on class work, so it is a great way to remind everyone about the fun fall activities we used to do as kids," she said. "The even greater part is that the entire project raises money to be donated. It is a wonderful example of how we can take activities we all love and enjoy and transform them into something that can benefit the community."

The event lasts from Monday, Oct. 29 until Friday, Nov. 2. To enter the scarecrow competition, clubs and organizations are required to pay a $10 registration fee.

Students will vote for whichever scarecrow they like, and the winner gets to choose the charity to which the money will be donated.

Last year's winners donated more than $130 to the American Cancer Society.

"While only one charity ultimately receives the money, there really is no winner or loser because raising awareness about different causes is just as important as donating money," Ranck said. "I think the most exciting part about this project is that you don't know what charity will get the money until the last day, encouraging a little friendly competition between the participating clubs to get people to vote. Doing it this way also allows a variety of different charities to be highlighted."

The scarecrows will be displayed on the Degenstein Campus Center patio. Voting will be online for faculty and in the lower level of Degenstein for students.


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