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November 02, 2012
Vol. 54 No. 8

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Democrats support the affordable Obama plan

When I sit down to write next week, the presidential election will be upon us.

It is strange to think that such a long production, filled with well-aimed jabs from one candidate to another, will finally come to a close.

I know that some of us have cast absentee ballots a while ago, but the rest of us will shortly take our trip into town on election day. And, if you are like me, you will have high hopes for Barack Obama.

It is nice to know that Obama wants to make sure that middle class families do not have to pay too many taxes.

He understands that wealth, and the opportunities that come with it, are more of an accident of birth than something wealthy individuals earn for themselves and takes this into account when he shapes his policies.

It is exciting to see that Obama is working with Bill Clinton when calculating the distribution of taxes.

Whatever you might think about Clinton's personal life, the fact remains that his presidency gave our country a surplus rather than a deficit.

With an economy as shaky as ours, this would definitely be an improvement.

It is also admirable that he wants to give companies incentives not to outsource their jobs overseas.

Politicians can speak all they want about creating jobs, but Obama knows that until regulations insure that jobs remain within our borders, companies will continue to make decisions that are cheaper rather than the ones that will benefit the American people.

Obama's health care plan, in all honesty, is very important for college students because it lets young adults use their parents' health care coverage for longer periods of time.

Our previous health care system was, essentially, outdated--a throwback to a time when the average person entered the work force after high school rather than going to college. People found it reasonable to assume that these young people, with jobs and new families, could pay for their own health insurance.

Students at Susquehanna are certainly not in this position, as they must concern themselves with their increasing college debt, and do not have as much financial independence as the young people before them.

When you also take into account that this health care system makes insurance more affordable, the prospect seems even better, especially with the added knowledge that insurance companies will no longer be allowed to turn away people with preexisting conditions.

The important thing that I must continue to reiterate is that you should remember to vote.

It is one thing to have opinions about the way our country is to be run, but it is another to take the next step and exert one's influence.


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