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November 02, 2012
Vol. 54 No. 8

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New store offers high-end bargains

Courtesy of Kelsey Clark
DRESS FOR LESS - Pink Pin-Up offers women brand name designer clothing for bargain prices.
Everyone in the greater Selinsgrove area can now feel like a million bucks thanks to the new second-hand clothing store Pink Pin-Up.

Former hairdresser Kelsey Clark and her husband created Pink Pin-Up in 2012.

"I am a hairdresser and did hairdressing for 10 years, and this was something else I was interested in," Clark said.

The store specializes in second-hand clothing and accessories and sells them at reason┬Čable prices.

Pink Pin-Up carries products from almost every company and price range--from Gap sweaters at $7 to genuine Louis Vuitton purses for $20.

Clark said she feels that her business is something that is in demand for both the area and Susquehanna because of the struggling economy.

"I definitely thought this was something the town would need," Clark said.

Clark said that a second-hand store that specialized in gently used, high-end brand items would be beneficial for both the residents of the town and college students.

Clark developed an appreciation for thrift and second-hand stores while putting herself through beauty school, which gave her the understanding of the desire for expensive items, but not being able to afford them.

Many luxury brand items that are in the malls and department stores are not accessible to everyone in the current economy, Clark mentioned. And it was all of this that led to Clark's decision to open her store.

Clark said: "I think it is not easy to find name-brand items and everything with the economy it is not something everyone can afford. It is nice knowing someone could get something nice without paying the expensive price of department stores and being able to afford something they didn't think they could get."

Clark and her husband's shared appreciation for the 1950s and the starlets of that era, such as Marilyn Monroe, inspired pink Pin-Up's name and style.

The store has a more city-like feeling to it and carries items for women, teenagers and college students.

Clark said her business is for all women and styles. When asked who her target audience is, she replied, "Honestly, I couldn't put an age on it."


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