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November 09, 2012
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Barack in charge

Obama re-elected for four more years

Courtesy of the White House flickr
FOR THE WIN - President Barack Obama returns to the Oval Office
The Crusader/Katie Auchenbach
Students enjoy the Trax event of watching the election live, as well as enjoying games and fun while the election was occurring. Both Democrats and Republicans were welcome to enjoy this event from 8 p.m. to midnight.
The crowd at Trax roared as President Barack Obama's picture appeared on the big screen. He was officially re-elected the 44th president of the United States.

Students gathered on Nov. 6 at the Election Night Watch Party at Trax to see the results of the 2012 election. The event was co-sponsored by the SU Democrats and SU Republicans.

Just before 11:15 p.m., the major news networks called Ohio in Obama's favor, and he was declared the winner of the presidential race over Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Although the crowd at Trax consisted of a majority of Obama supporters, Republicans and other groups were represented as well.

Senior Molly Bogart, president of SU Democrats, said of the event, "It gives students an opportunity to come together and watch the results. The election affects everybody."

Senior Tim Accurso agreed that the party was a great way to bring students together on election night. "I was going to watch it anyway, so I figured I might as well be with other people," he said.

The party included a United States map to color in the states depending on the winning candidate and thermometers to gauge the progress of Electoral College votes.

Sophomore Carly Husick said she believes it was important for the Democrats and Republicans to work together to organize the event.

"There's so much polarity between the two parties in politics today. It's important to come together and realize we're all looking forward to a better America," she said.

The election party represented the two political organizations coming together to put on an event that everyone could attend.

The SU Republicans left a majority of the planning to Bogart and her club, but supported her efforts through the event.

Seniors Matt Sborz and Dylan Conklin, who said they identify strongly with the Republican Party, both attended the event.

"It's great that students had the opportunity to come here to watch the election," Conklin said.

Sborz said he believed the Election Night Watch Party was "very representative of the school itself," considering the majority support of Obama present.

He said he hopes people in the future will take the time to learn about the issues before voting. "It'll only help our future if students get informed," he said.

Freshman Samara Sibblies does not really identify with one party but likes to keep informed on political issues because they have an impact.

"This is my first presidential election, I feel like an adult because I voted," Sibblies said.

Leading up to the election, the SU Democrats worked in various ways to help secure Obama's victory.

They canvassed, went door to door, made phone calls, raised awareness on campus and registered over 400 students, according to Bogart.

She said she believed she made a difference in the election, especially considering Obama won in Susquehanna's electoral district.

Several attendees of the party emphasized the importance of students becoming politically active on being informed on the issues.

"We're going to be running this country one day, so having political knowledge and acknowledging our civic duty is important for the future of our country," Husick said.

Students all over campus reacted differently to the re-election of Obama.

Sophomore Vicki Balsamo, supported Romney through his campaign and ensured her support by casting an absentee ballot to her district in Maine.

Balsamo informed herself with and made sure she cast a vote that she thought would make a difference. In particular she research ed advertisements against Mitt Romney to make sure she made the right choice.

"I will remain optimistic, not that some good will come of this but that I will remain hopeful that something will happen," Balsamo said, "This will be his test, a second chance."

Sophomore Secretary for SU Democrats MaryKate Wust thought the event went really well overall, even if a lot of Republicans did not show up.

Once Obama hit the 270 mark in the electoral college Wust said could not stop crying. "It was just such an exciting moment," she said.

Sophomore Taylor Holloway-Brown was very excited about Obama's re-election. "I know a lot of good will come out of the next four years," she said.


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