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September 13, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 2

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Writer advises new adults

Young adulthood is both something to celebrate and to fear. There are plenty of things to remember but also plenty of things that most of us wish we could forget. For example, the peer pressure of finding a job right after college or even expectations to marry well and start a family.
"I'm Only Here for the WiFi: A Complete Guide to Reluctant Adulthood," the debut work by Chelsea Fagan, is a new coming-of-age guide for everyone embarking on the adventures and misadventures of growing up.
"I'm Only Here for the WiFi" delivers a refreshing and hilarious twist to the stereotypical life advice given to young adults.
Fagan successfully captivates the reader with her witty, hilarious and fresh approach to topics often discussed but never written about from a youth's perspective.
After all, life isn't easy, especially if we all reluctantly have to grow up. That is the message Fagan delivers to her audience -- that it is okay to be confused, that it is absolutely acceptable to still just mess around. Whatever the case may be, the book teaches us that not everything has to be perfect.
What makes this essential read different than other books in the genre is its ability to address a wide variety of lifestyles and backgrounds, breaking the mold of what a "young adult" should be.
From reasons not to quit your crappy job to fully detailed charts on what to drink and what you shouldn't drink to keep things classy, there are no limitations or topics left unexplored.
There's even a segment dedicated to how to survive waking up late in the morning and how to steer your mother away from your love life.
No subject is left unexplored in the reluctant world of adulthood. Fagan's topics include: Finding and Keeping a Job: Or, How to Make a Resume the Right Mix of Lies and Actual Work Experience; Hobbies: Or, How to Find Things to Do That Don't Depend Entirely on Drinking; Going Out: Or, How to Justify a $12 Cocktail by Screaming "This is My Song!"; Love and Dating: Or, How to Appease Your Mother When She Asks if You're Seeing Anyone; Finances: Or, How to Finish the Month Without Crying in Your Room; and Friendship: Or, How to Find Cool People Who Aren't the Same Five Coworkers.
Adulthood isn't something that can be mapped out and followed. There is no right or wrong way. However, "I'm Only Here for the WiFi: A Complete Guide to Reluctant Adulthood," can make the exciting journey a little bit easier with its encouraging content and hilarious topics.


Writer advises new adults

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