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September 27, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 4

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Car sustains damages after rear-ending Trax bus

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday a silver Nissan Altima struck the back of a Traxportation van as it approached West Village, reported Tom Rambo, the assistant vice president for Student Life and director of Public Safety. There were no injuries to either the driver of the car or the driver of the van, according to Rambo.
Immediately following the collision the driver of the Nissan fled the scene.
The report was called into Public Safety, Rambo stated, and the investigation of a hit and run was underway. Borough police were also notified of the incident.
Sophomore Marielle Fiorino, the lone passenger on the Traxportation van at the time, said, "All of a sudden there was a jolt from the back of the bus."
Fiorino and the bus driver, waited approximately 30 seconds before they left the van and found the car fleeing the scene.
The Nissan quickly backed up, turned around and sped past Scholar's House towards West
Hall, Fiorino said. The airbags were deployed inside the Nissan, but there was insignificant damage to the Traxportation van.
"The possibility of the involvement of alcohol is under investigation," Rambo said.
The bus driver and Fiorino found the back bumper hanging off the Traxportation van upon
The Department of Public Safety is conducting the investigation, reported the Selinsgrove
Police Department.


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