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September 27, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 4

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Pianist's music honors Bach

On Saturday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m. in Stretansky Concert Hall, pianist Ling Ju-Lai will perform a solo recital presented by Susquehanna Department of Music.
According to Ju-Lai, the recital will "highlight works from Johann Sebastian Bach's major solo keyboard literature." She said that the recital will also feature "the passionate temperament of Young Bach in C minor Toccata," as well as "the rationale of Bach in both
Partita II and IV."
Ju-Lai has always enjoyed playing the piano, calling it her "best and oldest friend". She said the importance of the piano to her everyday life started during her youth and carried on into her adulthood, when she made it her profession.
She said: "If I didn't practice as told, the piano would be sold. So my love for being with the piano started young and fortunately became stronger as I grew. Now, there is nothing else I rather be doing professionally than being a concert pianist."
As stated on her website, Ju-Lai is a most known for her Baroque keyboard music, especially playing the works of composer
Johann Sebastian Bach. Ju-Lai said that she specializes in the works of Bach ,because she
"finds the evolution of J.S Bach as an artist most intriguing.."
As a professional concert pianist, Ju-Lai said that she chooses pieces she finds "emotionally and intellectually appealing."
Adjunct faculty member Diane Scott said, "[Ju-Lai] makes Bach very exciting! Her sound
comes from deep inside her soul."
Ju-Lai said that she takes her musical performances seriously, spending years studying and perfecting repertories before performing them in front of audiences. She does not take the time to craft her pieces simply for technical perfection, but she believes
that, "In a way, musicians are story tellers. I'd like to know my stories well before I can tell them to an audience."
Ju-Lai is always sure "to be emotionally honest" with her music. She describes herself as "a tireless student of Bach's compositions."
Ju-Lai's talents have been exhibited throughout the world. According to her website she has performed at music venues and festivals such as The Royal Academy of Music in London,
The National Theatre in Taiwan, The Bach Festival in Leipzig and The William Kapell International Piano Competition in Maryland.
Ju-Lai earned her graduate degrees in Piano and Harpsichord Performance from the University of Michigan and The Eastman School of Music. She also has a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of Michigan.


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