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September 27, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 4

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Author offers weight-loss advice

Health and fitness seem to be the newest pop culture crazes. Just like fashion, one thing will be in style one week but out the next.
With the book "You Can Love Food, Love Life and Love Yourself," author Jane McClaren hopes to give readers honest insight about weight loss through her own weight loss journey.
"You Can Love Food, Love Life and Love Yourself" features tips and tricks on counting calories, forming healthy eating habits and the importance of the connection between mind and body. There are a few recipes and meal ideas in the book as well.
McClaren also shares her own personal struggle, which she refers to in the book as "my thirty-year battle of on-and-off weight gain and emotional ill health."
The book starts off with a preface by the author. In the preface, McClaren gives readers some background on her personal battle with her weight.
To begin, the first chapter of McClaren's book talks about calories. She creates an interesting metaphor of "calorie-dollars" to get her points across about the importance of calories in the everyday diet.
In the book, McClaren says: "Calories are like dollars in your pocket or your checkbook. You only have so much to spend and you want the biggest bang for your buck."
The book also features an entire chapter of the importance of knowing one's self to get to the root of weight issues. In this chapter, "Getting to Know Yourself," McClaren shares even more about her personal struggles with food and the effect it had on her life.
McClaren also talks about "The Four W's of Your Eating Habits." These four Ws, are what, when, where and why.
For "What" McClaren suggests writing a list of foods you crave.
For "When and Where" she suggests readers to think of where they usually eat because it can reveal some bad habits they may have, such as eating in front of the TV. She says that if you are distracted by the TV you won't be thinking of the amount of food you are eating, which could lead to overeating.
Lastly, for "Why," McClaren wants readers to think of why they eat. Were they actually hungry or were they just bored and started snacking?
There are also chapters on which foods are "good foods" as well as healthy and unhealthy drinks. The last chapter of the book is titled "Know Your Power," which emphasizes the importance of positive attitude during a weight-loss journey.
If you are looking for a diet book or a book with more scientific facts about nutrition and the human body, then this may not be the book you are looking for.
This book has basic facts about healthy eating habits that most people are already aware of.
"You Can Love Food, Love Life and Love Yourself" is a more personal alternative to most diet books.


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Author offers weight-loss advice


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