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October 04, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 5

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Rabbi's Write-Up

And the heaven and the earth were finished, and all the host of them (Genesis 2:1).
And you thought your past month was busy! Creation is the definition of a busy time. God created, um, everything. From scratch. And finished in six days. That was when the work really began.
Creation was a sprint, a spree, a frenetic activity machine. Think of all those firsts! First day, first bug, first bug on the bottom of a shoe. It's kind of like the beginning of the school year. First day of class, first missed class, first missed class because of a buggy shoe. There's a lot to do, and it's exciting, and it's new.
But after those first six days, God really started being God. Creation does not define God. It was such a short time, after all, and God has been God for eternity. The managing of creation, the caring of the world, those are the jobs God has done for millions of years. Though not as exciting as creation, it is the real work of being God.
That's like us, now that we have begun October. The excitement of the first month is past us, and now we are entering our normalization period. Though there are still firsts out there for us, our jobs now are just to keep things rolling. How can we keep up our level of excitement?
We can't. But we can keep up our level of passion. We can continue doing our school work, our homework, our 'work' work with vigor and rigor. We can continue to explore our passions and try new activities and attend new events. We can continue to embrace our new friendships and work to make them strong and meaningful.
May we all continue to be in touch with our passions, changing them from the seeds of beginning to the blossoms of being.


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Rabbi's Write-Up

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