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October 18, 2013
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Coffee lovers rejoice for Starbucks at SU

Do you wish you could get a frappuccino before your 8 a.m. class? Susquehanna is getting its very own Starbucks kiosk in Mellon Lounge, which will be available when students return from winter break.
This will be a fully-licensed kiosk, able to sell almost everything that a regular Starbucks store has to offer, including frappuccinos and pastries.
There are three different types of Starbucks stores. The first are regular Starbucks stores, which generally open up on campuses with over 5,000 students.
The second is called "We Proudly Brew," which is where Starbucks gives a company, such as Barnes & Noble, their products to sell, but it isn't the top quality product.
The third type, used by Susquehanna, is a fully-licensed kiosk, which is a smaller, all-encompassing version of Starbucks.
Students will be able to use cash, Crusader Cash and Flex at the kiosk.
"It will have a very different look from Java City," said Bob Ginader, head of food services at Susquehanna.
The entire lounge will be changed around, moving the computers away from the walls and removing the chairs and tables altogether, allowing for Starbucks to bring in their own tables.
The kiosk will also be moved forward significantly, allowing for students to walk around the backside and an easier flow of traffic.
"Starbucks is very particular about their brand," Ginader said. "After we open, they will audit us once a month to make sure everything is running smoothly."
In order to continue working there, students will have to undergo training from a licensed trainer sent from Starbucks.
A minimum of two weeks training will be required for all students wishing to work at the kiosk.
The current non-student employees will keep their jobs, and one will become a designated trainer for students after the Starbucks trainer leaves.
"I wanted to make sure that the students still had options, all the flexibility. I wanted a getaway for students. I wanted it to be its own entity. This area will be a place for students to go and relax," Ginader said.
"It's going to be so much better than Java City," sophomore Leah Leahy said. "Starbucks is a high quality coffee company. I'm very excited. It will be great to see something new on campus."
Sophomore Kerry Hyland said she is very excited for the addition of Starbucks and is most excited for the iced caramel macchiato.
Hyland said, "It needed to be either this or Dunkin."
The hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays will also be added to the schedule.
If things continue to go well with the new hours, Saturdays may also be added as an option for students.
A contracting company called Rykon will make renovations of the area surrounding the kiosk.
Starbucks will install the kiosk itself, which will take three days to install in three separate pieces.
The renovations will start a week before final exams begin, but free coffee will be offered to students during that time.


Coffee lovers rejoice for Starbucks at SU

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