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October 18, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 6

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Finding home in new places

With all the changes and adjustments to college life during my first year, there may not be a lot that I remember. I'm sure I drank too much one night and said some things I shouldn't have, or made a friend or two that I knew wouldn't last the school year, but one memory has stuck out in my mind for the last four years, and it really never occurred to me until now.
It was a cold January night, and I was almost in tears in the stairwell of Hassinger Hall. I was having a conversation with my mother about our plans for the weekend and how they might change due to an impending snowstorm. As much as I love Susquehanna now, I was hating every moment of it then and was more homesick than Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." I had it set in my mind that I was going home that weekend come hell or high water, and there was nothing she was going to say or do that would change that.
I guess in my first-year mind, my idea of home was just that: my physical, permanent address. As my time at Susquehanna continued, I began to find where I belonged, and my attitudes improved for the better. I guess you could say that I grew to find a home away from home at Susquehanna.
I look back over the last four years, and even back to high school, on homecoming weekends, and how I never really saw them amounting to much of anything. There was no nostalgia, no one I particularly was dying to see, nor was there any care in the world for who was going to be homecoming queen.
I had seen and heard alumni rant and rave about all the excitement that comes with homecoming, but I never fully understood what that was about. This being my senior year, it finally hit me.
In my post-Susquehanna life, I'll be out in the real world, forced to pick up everything I have become used to and having to start anew. I'm going to have to start the next chapter in my life, and with each chapter comes a new home.
I can foresee those first few weeks, maybe even months, as being the rockiest journey for me, much like adjusting to college.
There's no doubt that I'm going to become homesick. I'll probably start asking questions like "Why doesn't the real world offer a meal plan?" or "Why doesn't my boss read me 'The Night Before Christmas' during the holiday season?"
Looking ahead to the future, it's exciting to think that as homesick as I become, for that one homecoming weekend, I know that all my professors, friends and alumni will welcome me home with open arms, waiting to hear about all my accomplishments.

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