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October 18, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 6

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Editors juggles friends and school work

Over fall break, I finished reading a novel called "Commencement" for my academic novels class with President Lemons. (Yes, President Lemons teaches a class, and it is completely awesome.) Besides getting ahead on my classwork, reading this book during my fall break allowed me to reflect on the relationships I have formed thus far in college, especially when fall break means going to a friend's home, not my own.
My first year at Susquehanna, I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to meet all the friends I possibly could. And now thinking back to the first week, I can't even remember the exact moments I met the people I now call my best friends and write to my friends from home about.
But instead, similar to the four friends in "Commencement," I remember the milestones that have happened for us since crossing each other's paths that first week at Susquehanna. We bonded over complaining about certain classes we had to take, although myself and another friend got tired hearing about our friends' science classes at times.
We bonded over what happened those Saturday nights that turned into Sunday mornings. Our first year, we always would begin the night together and then come back together and share what happened, even before the usual Sunday brunch.We bonded over each other's accomplishments, whether it was getting a hundred on the exam we studied all night for, or getting that internship we had applied for and kept our fingers crossed until we heard back.
Even more similar to the characters in "Commencement," we face issues when time and distance come into play. Each year we start off in a honeymoon phase, happy to see each other, eating every meal together and constantly having something to share with one another.
Once the pressures of the school year creep in, we begin to have our little hiccups. We get frustrated with one another for the silliest of things -- telling one friend something while keeping it hidden from the others, not waiting to get lunch or just getting frustrated about a comment someone made. There are weeks when all we have time to do is study, and friendships almost don't exist.
But along with the hiccups, there is less time that we actually spend all together, or more truthfully, less time I spend with them. Being the only one of the friend group that lives in a different building by myself, I automatically have less contact with my friends.
Sophomore year was the beginning of this transition. But back then I put in more effort in trying to hang out with them; walking across campus just to do homework and making sure to spend some of my Saturday and Sundays with them. We had lunches, dinners and brunches together always.
But now that junior year has come upon us, I feel that I have strayed even farther away from my "freshmen friends." My obligations take over my free time that I would spend with them, and I find myself adding more things to my already long to-do list. I now look forward to the lunches we have every day together (whether that's in the Caf or Ele's), regretting when I sometimes cancel in order to accomplish everything I need to in a day.
I know that once we graduate and leave Susquehanna, we will be like the four characters in "Commencement" even more so. We will keep up with each other's lives. We will be present for the major milestones. We will still get into arguments and give each other advice on how to live life. But no matter the outcome, we will always find our way back to each other. We will always be friends; and I know that I, for one, will always be grateful for my years at Susquehanna for giving me the opportunity to spend many lunches with them.

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