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October 18, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 6

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Graduate describes lifestyle after SU

My first alarm goes off at 7:30 a.m. Three other alarms will go off before I decide to start my day around 10 a.m. First, I check my email. There is plenty of important business to attend to, between 10 emails from a combination of LinkedIn, Walmart and EasyJet (a rude reminder of that one time I studied abroad).
Next it's Facebook's stream of nonsense I proudly contribute to, a quick jump over to Twitter to check if any celebrities have died or if a bomb had gone off somewhere, then I'll get out of bed. The glories of post-grad life.
By noon I've had a cup a coffee and have one cooling for my afternoon iced coffee, and I typically find myself on the couch looking for jobs and watching Netflix or the Food Network. You know you're really addicted to a show when you start a season in the morning and by dinner you are already at the Christmas episode. I've watched about four different series since May, and I'm a decent way through The West Wing -- one of the many things I've accomplished since graduation.
I'm being slightly sarcastic when I say that. I've also cleaned and re-organized my room, worked as an intern in the city, and I am currently working at a newspaper 30 hours per week.
Life after graduation is shockingly similar to the ways I spent my Sundays in college, only I'm less -- how do you say -- yeah there isn't another way -- I'm less hungover. Some days I go to the gym, other days I spend in my pajamas. With every job application I send in I just hope for the best because I'm lenient with my definition of 3-5 years experience.
At this point I've written so many cover letters that when I edit them I think I spell my own name wrong. My social life still revolves around meals with my parents, but at least its better food than in the café or Benny's. Drinking with people my age is a luxury, and so is having a bar close enough to walk to. I've been lucky enough to be able to see a majority of my friends every couple weeks, and between our group messages, Snapchat and Facebook, it's like we barely missed a beat.
I have had some successful interviews, but mostly letters that start with "Although, we were very impressed with..." and end with -- I honestly don't even read the rest. Rejection is an everyday occurrence, but I'm not down-and-out yet; things will work out. I'm not going to give a speech, but I will say this: don't stress out about your future -- enjoying your time at Susquehanna is more important than you think. I don't smile when I think about the papers I wrote, I smile when I think about the times in between class on Deg Patio laughing with my friends. No, I don't know what I am doing with my life, and yes I might constantly question what skills I have, but then I remember, I went to Susquehanna, and nothing is better than saying that.


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