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October 18, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 6

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Lecture addresses importance of printing, art

On Oct. 17 at in Isaacs Auditorium in Seibert Hall, artist and print maker Lynne Avadenka held her lecture titled "On the Making of Many Books."
As stated in a Susquehanna University press release, the lecture related to the 2013 university theme of "Technology in Our Lives" and discussed "book art in the digital age."
As a woman who has run her own printing press for over 25 years, Avadenka said the "love of reading, letterforms, combining word and image, printing and printmaking" inspired her career as an artist and printmaker.
Her work is widely recognized, and, according to her website, she also has permanent collections at venues such as The New York Public Library, The Detroit Institute of Arts, The British Library in London and The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Avadenka has a true passion and respect for the complexities that come along with intertwining words and images.
Her lecture "On the Making of Many Books" exemplified that passion. The lecture not only looked at the importance of the physical books remaining relevant during these technology driven times, but also at how creative presentation of text can create a deeper appreciation for the words held within a book.
During her lecture, Avadenka spoke on how images are not added to books as a visual break from the words, rather they are there to aid in the story telling of the words as a sort of expansion on the story.
Avadenka considers her work to be "one foot in the art world and the other in literature."
Avadenka's ability to create images and texts that complement each other so well in narrative is proof of that.
One of the images she presented during her lectures was a book on The Song of Songs from the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible.
She showed how she complemented the beautiful, poetic word of the text with soft, flowing images.
When creating a special edition of Bonnie Jo Campbell's "A Solution to Brian's Problem," she made each page a wood-backed puzzle piece to represent the complexities of human relationships.
Jewish culture and heritage and the Hebrew language are also fundamental to many of Avadenka's works.
A majority of her books are bilingual, containing both Hebrew and English text.
Avadenka's work both as a printmaker and an artist challenges viewers to consider why print is so important, even in times where text is so readily available over a screen.


Lecture addresses importance of printing, art

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