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October 18, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 6

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Senior embraces artistic future

There was always something special about art for Keeley Gribb.
Growing up, she always had artistic tendencies in everything that she did; no matter if it was being a cellist since the age of nine or playing the piano since the age of seven.
Her mother, an artist herself, became an inspiration for Gribb as she discovered more about the artistic world, yet she always felt the pressure to suppress that side of her.
Her father also gave her inspiration. Gribb said, "My dad is very linear, and because of that, I pursued more linear things prior to college."
A senior double major in both music and environmental science, Gribb said that it seemed to be the perfect combination for her upon setting foot at Susquehanna as a first-year. However, her need for creativity was still strong and could no longer be suppressed.
"The artistic monster just came out and ate me alive," she said.
After much deliberation, the environmental science major was dropped and a major in graphic design came into play. As she pursued graphic design, Gribb realized that it was her true passion. Although she loves music, Gribb said that she felt that she received all that she could from the degree as a minor instead of a major. With the artistic monster finally satisfied, Keeley Gribb found herself now as a graphic design major and music minor.
Gribb said that thoughts of transferring to another university to further explore her options did once cross her mind, but she decided to stay and finish out her bachelor's degree at Susquehanna.
She said that it was one of the best decisions she made.
"I'm so glad I ended up staying. The graphic design program at Susquehanna is really good and I couldn't be happier," she said.
Being a part of one of the most credit intensive programs the university can offer, Gribb said that there is no time for slacking.
Her projects range from editorial work to typography and even annual reports for nonprofit organizations. It's this dedication and passion that has made Gribb notable in the department.
"There is a lot of work involved and so many sleepless nights. My team and I will spend anywhere from 20-60 hours on a project eight or nine times a semester," she said.
All of her hard work, however, does not come without a purpose. Gribb said that she loves traveling and finds it to be the nourishment needed for the artistic monster inside of her.
Working abroad would be one of her dreams.
Ever since her GO experience in China, Gribb has been deeply inspired by the concept of symbolic communication and how that can be achieved through art.
For her, the concept of branding identity really hit home.
"That's essentially what language is. I'm toying with the idea that if I go to graduate school, that would be my arching question to answer," she said.
Gribb mentioned that she is currently applying for several scholarships to get her to that next destination. These programs include the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program and the Jack Kent Cooke scholarships.
Gribb said she hopes that other students take what they have learned and strive each day to achieve their goals.
"Make sure to challenge yourself. Go outside what you are comfortable with."


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