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November 01, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 8

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Paper count to be monitored

Do you print a lot at Susquehanna? Starting next fall, your printing practices might change.
A policy will be enacted during the upcoming fall semester that limits the amount of paper that students are allowed to print.
"We are trying to achieve reduced waste," said Mark Huber, director of Information Technology. "We don't want wasted ink and paper. This policy improves an overall green campus environment. We want to avoid people 'printing books.'"
As of right now, there is no set number for the amount of paper that students will be allowed to use. The plan is to put in a system that keeps track of the printers. Through this system, Huber and Rob Pickering, the manager of user services who oversees the printers, will be able to see the amount of paper each student uses. Then, they will review the data and set an average for all students.
"The number can be anything. We won't know until we compile the data," Huber said.
He said the new policy, while it may sound restrictive at first, will really help the university in terms of both cost and the "going green" incentive.
Huber said: "We want to provide a better service. We want to eventually provide color printing. We want to reduce waste. We are trying to make it easier with the latest technology."
New printer units will be provided next fall semester as well. The new units will be able to print, copy and scan all in one. With the new units, students will be able to scan something and send it directly to an email address or USB drive, saving both time and money.
Junior Alyssa Serrano said of the new policy: "I really don't like it. It's limiting the amount of paper I use for each class, and for some classes my professors require me to print entire drafts, some of which need to be printed multiple times."
The new units have a four-year contract, and everyone will use the same units. The goal is to be able to use every unit for all needs.
Huber said: "You are essentially printing to a server, not a printer.You won't be tied to Deg Lab or a specific academic building. The goal is to be able to use whatever printer is closest to your location."
He added: "We are trying to keep the cost of running the university down. We are trying to keep admission cost as low as possible, and we are trying to keep the campus as green as possible. Everybody wins."


Paper count to be monitored

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