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November 01, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 8

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First registration a success

It seemed just as I was feeling settled in my first semester at Susquehanna, a new upheaval, well, upheaved my life: registration for spring classes.
Except that it wasn't such an upheaval, not nearly to the extent I anticipated. Luckily for me, first-years in the honors program who double-major in creative writing and music don't have much choice in their second semester.
Of course, there were outside courses here and there that caught my eye as I flipped through the catalogue last weekend -- Rock & Roll Novels, Public Speaking, Irish Women Writers, Rock Music and Society.
But those are for future times. My immediate course (or, as it were, courses) of action had been made clear -- the simple question remained of which sections to take.
Even as I pondered this, though, the gods of registration smiled on me, providing meeting schedules that meshed perfectly and, while not allowing for much downtime throughout the day, still left room for the possible addition of a class, depending on whether I am accepted in the ensemble. As for the current lineup, I can hardly complain about beginning my day, five days a week, at 10 a.m.
And of course, my two outstanding advisers have significantly lightened my burden. As just one more example of how I have already been blessed here at Susquehanna, my appointments concerning registration were quick and painless, just a matter of affirming that, contrary to some of my fears before arriving on campus a couple months ago, I really do have things under control. It's a good feeling. And it certainly helps to have guides who know what they're doing.
In hindsight, I can't quite say why I wondered whether everyone would rush to register within the first 24 hours and leave me in the dust, or whether some unforeseen conflict would screw up my entire schedule plan.
But I'll find out how it all pans out in an email from the Registrar. And when Tuesday rolls around, I'll embrace my future with open arms, mind and inbox.


First registration a success

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