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November 01, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 8

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Juniors play through the times

On Nov. 2, the spotlight will be on juniors Ashley Baisch and Matthew Holt in this week's student recital.
The event will take place in Stretansky Concert Hall at 5 p.m., as the two student musicians present their work to the Susquehanna community.
The recital, an hour-long performance, consists of contrasting pieces by each performer.
The central theme involves showing off popular repertoires for cello and viola. The first piece will be baroque, followed by one from the Romantic era, followed by a selection from the 20th century.
The opening piece, performed by Holt,, will be Martin Berteau's 18th century piece Sonata in G minor.
Another piece being highlighted in the recital is Baisch's solo performace of Brahm's viola Sonata in F Minor.
Baisch said: "I had to beg my professor to let me put it in, and I am so happy that I did. It is my favorite piece."
The viola and cello work well together in performance due to their mellow and darker sounds that mesh well together, according to Baisch.
The recital will also feature Ilya Blinov, lecturer in music, on piano; junior Eva Simpson Abrams, also on piano; and Marcos Krieger, associate professor of music, on harpsichord.
Baisch said that she realized her passion for the viola in the fourth grade. She said she was surrounded by people playing the violin, and she wanted to do something different. Her decision was supported by her family.
"My brother played the viola and it was such an inspiration," she said.
Baisch said of the performance, "I want people to enjoy the music and be able to view the viola as a solo instrument, and not just the violin as a solo instrument."
She added: "I'm excited and nervous because this is the recital that shows off what I've been working for and my lessons since I've gotten to SU. It's showing how my technique has gotten better and how I've grown as a performer. This is the biggest solo recital I've ever given."
The performance will be followed by an open reception.


Juniors play through the times

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